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  1. Still have it, still on the fence about letting it go since it earned it's keep this summer. Maybe there is that fab trade out there?
  2. Just think: The 100th anniversary of that ill-fated blimp raid is just a few years away. Correction: just to be accurate: They weren't blimps, they were dirigibles.
  3. Carvin AE-185 ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC THINLINE GUITAR. 1999 nicely aged Classic White over Engleman spruce top, mahogany neck and body. C22 humbuckers plus the lR Baggs under-saddle transducer for a nice variety of electric and acoustic tones. Locking Sperzel tuners. The neck, frets and ebony fingerboard are all in great shape. A few very minor wear marks keep it from being in excellent overall condition (after all, it has been used, just carefully ). Comes with the Carvin OHSC, strap, and straplocks. Prefer trades, mainly looking for MIA Teles, 335 types, or acoustics; but will always consider other interesting trades. Sale price $750 shipped CONUS.
  4. Letting it float to the top once again
  5. This is my version of the guitar: At that time (new in Oct 2001) it was listed as a "Nashville", according to Fender less than 200 were produced "on demand" and the production was not repeated. It's a Nash, not a Deluxe, Plus, or CS (No binding, no belly cut, single string tree, Tele pups with a Tex-Mex middle, and Nashville routing). I love this thing. I play it through an original (first year) Hot Rod DeVille, and it's just killer. My Peavey Cropper is #1 in the line-up, but this gets a good share of the (paying) gig time. I just can't recommend it any higher. (BTW: Mine is not for sale, ever. Buy some of my stuff, and I'll buy his )
  6. I have a Memphis Sun one, and it's my main electric gig axe. I would really like to get a backup, preferably a diff color.
  7. FT: Yairi CY116 Classical guitar I got this one new in 2006, was $1400 with the case. Features Body Style: Classical Guitar Back/Sides: Burled Mahogany Top: Solid Cedar
  8. I've been asked some more about Isak Washington, so here is some more cursory info: At the Spring 1914 meeting of the International Jazz Club Isak Washingtong was voted to receive the "Method Achievement Award" for his technical contribution to the art of Jazz performance. Unfortunately the presentation was to take place in August, in Berlin. Obviously the outbreak of hostilities prevented him from collecting the medal and modest stipend. But events took a worse turn for this Jazz pioneer. During one of the many botched Zeppelin Air raids over "London" the ill fated LZ36 missed its targed by more than 150 miles. Even tho fog covered view of the "target", the Commander dropped the airship's bombs on the hamlet of Thurston On Lester. One struck the pub where Isak Washington was holding the Tuesday night Jazz Club meeting killing him, and most of the Jazz fans of the surrounding townships. It was several months later when Washburn heard the devastating news, and they decided to give tribute to this Jazz pioneer. The pub where he met his fate was called "The Healed Lion" (no pictures survive, but descriptions make it an odd twist of the "Daniel and the Lion" story) , so Washburn established the "Lyon" name for their student instruments, and the "Healy" name for the orchesteral instruments.
  9. I've been asked about the "Washington" moniker (given to this model by Washburn). Not named after a President or location, but rather after the late 19th Century physicist/inventor Isak Washington. It was he who discovered that woven cotton wrapped around a copper conductor not only made a good insulator but also smoothed out the flow of electrons thus producing the "mellow" sound today's Jazz aficionados crave.
  10. SOLD! This is the original version of the Carvin neck-through bass design, and 1988/89 were the only two years it was offered as a 5-string with passive electrics. The HB13 13-pole pickups were also only available for those two years. A terrific bass, especially for that traditional Rock sound. The stacked humbuckers can be individually split. The single-coil tone is as good as any I've ever found. Also has a phase switch for even more tone options. It also has the traditional Carvin 34" scale, making the transition from a 4-string easier (this is actually why I'm selling it - all my other basses are 35" scale and at my age the switching between 34 and 35 can easily confuse the fingering # ). To top is off: it has the "Stereo" option - a separate output for each pickup. Using this to drive two separate amps, or the stereo input of a MFX, can really give some cool sonic effects. Of course you can also use it as a "standard" mono output. The bass also has first-rate hardware including a hefty Schaller roller bridge (also discontinued after the 89 model year) and perfectly functioning tuners. It has the (optional) beautiful book-matched flame maple top. The bass is 20+ years old, but you wouldn't guess it from the condition. Very nice, I think it's a pretty bass, and it does get it's share of compliments. The fingerboard and frets are in very good condition, everything works correctly, and it comes with the original Carvin case (it's traveled a lot, so it's worn but still does the job while not being terribly ugly). All in all a beautiful bass; with a great traditional passive electronics bass tone; and with a strong "collectible" upside. Will consider guitar trades or part trades. Additional pictures here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Carvin%20LB75S/ $750 plus shipping
  11. Acoustics are also trade possibilities
  12. 2000 Washburn J9 "Washington" Thinline hollow-body guitar. Excellent condition with the OHSC. Fairly rare issue of the Samick-built Korean thinline jazz box (They no longer offer a similar guitar). Most versions of this model were geared towards the Rockabilly crowd with a Bigsby trem and different pups. It has the full sized 17" body, but 2" deep at the rim. Much more comfortable to play than the full depth body, especially when sitting. It's a hollow-body with a bridge post. Very nice player, and the tone can range from Jazzy to Bluesy. Although the body is quite resonant, as a thinline the feedback is much more controllable. Pictures of mine here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Washburn%20Jazz/J9/ And to give you an idea of the Jazz tone there is a Youtube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMuos92Xj8Q $700 plus shipping; will consider trades but mostly interested in MIA Telecasters and semi-hollow 335 types.
  13. TRADED 2005 Taylor 110 dreadnaught in very good condition. This is a MIA guitar, workmanship is excellent. Has a Fishman Rare Earth soundhole pickup installed, works and sounds great. Some pix here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Taylor%20110/ Comes with a Rockbag in decent shape. Looking for $550 plus shipping, trades possible for electrics and semi-hollows.
  14. The new ones really aren't up to the standards of the Samick or Matsumoku ones.
  15. Looking for a clean Washburn HB-35, Korea or Japan.
  16. Had one, sold it, regretted it. Have this for trade: http://cnj.craigslist.org/msg/2760356554.html and would separately add in the pedal deal
  17. 2007 G&L Tribute series Legacy. Very nice condition, beautiful 3TS finish that shows off the wood grain nicely. One minor edge ding. Plays and sounds great, no issues. Features Pickups: 3 Fullerton, CA American-made G&L vintage-style Alnico V single-coil pickups Body wood: Swamp ash Scale length: 25.5" Neck wood: Hard rock maple with maple fingerboard Neck radius: 9" (228.6mm) Neck width at nut: 1-5/8" (41.3mm) Tuning keys: 18:1 ratio, sealed-back Bridge: G&L dual fulcrum vibrato with nickel-plated die-cast saddles Controls: 5-position pickup selector, volume, PTB system (passive treble/bass) With the G&L deluxe gig bag in excellent condition and trem bar. Mostly interested in Classical/Nylon, 12-string acoustics, Teles and semi-hollows; will consider other guitars or tube combos.
  18. Sure is a beauty! But bills are a bitch, can't do it unless someone buys my stuff
  19. Your InBox is full A quick look in the Hohner drawer found Marine Band and Big River (German) Bb, Golden Melody and Big River G, Big River High G, Blues Harp C, Big River in E and Low E. All NOS.
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