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  1. It is strange that Yamaha did not make a really good VA after An1x? If they want they can certanly beat Access Virus in features and probably cost! Come on Yamaha you have the tech to do it!
  2. Native Instruments Komplete 5 has dropped in price to 399$ it may be a Komplete 6 on its way?! Come on Native Instruments!
  3. Yes! REAKTOR 6, it is time now Native Instruments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Waldorf Stromberg!!!! I want it now!!!
  5. Any NAMM rumors? Apple: Logic Studio 9 ? Korg: A new Radias model ? 64 voice poly, 16 part multitibral and efx on every part just like Access Virus? Yamaha: A new VA at last AN7x ? Clavia: A new Nordlead with efx ? Elektron: Something interesting ? GrooveStation ? Roland: A new MC station, MC 990 ? Novation: Supernova 3 ? or are they dead as synthesizers builders now? Or is hardware synthesizers a dead dinosaur? I still hope some of these can release something really interesting at a competitive price.
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