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  1. Help ... I am planning to play a wedding in Aug, and I want to play "Canon in D". I came across a recording of it by Philip Lester from his cd "The Gourmet Guitar". Absolutely beautiful. However, I need help with tab and tuning. I believe he plays it in the key of D, but I think he may be using an alternate tuning as the guitar voicing sounds different. I thought maybe a capo, but that doesn't seem to be it either. Any help would be appreciated. I can probably figure it out, but I'm sure it would take up too much time. I need some help. Thanks, Dave
  2. Just my 2 cents worth - I bought the VL2 about 3 months ago, from GC (man I hate that place) because just in case I wasn't happy with it, I could easily take it back. I love this unit. Prior to the VL2, I had the Digitech VR. That was also a nice unit, but the VL-series is a major step above, in both sound and usage. I only use it for live performances, although I have produced a few demos using it. Regarding the digitized sound, I don't hear it unless I don't have it blended correctly with the main voice. Then, it still isn't all that bad. But that's just my opinion. When it comes to "sound", everybody's taste/opinion is different. I suggest you try one out (From GC or the like - ouch). If you're not happy with it, you have lost nothing. I would bet a large sum of money that you won't be taking it back. I think there are units out there that are probably better "sounding", but they are VERY expensive, and not easy to program or operate (unless you have 4 hands and 4 feet, and can do the "effects pedal dance" while performing). Also, read all the reviews/opinions on this forum as well as listening for yourself on Digitech's website. There are also some videos of guys using it on MySpace/UTube (I think). Listen to what the guys on this forum are saying, especially Craig Anderton's threads. These guys know what they're talking about, from both a technology and experience standpoint. Anyway ... everyone's got one .... and that's mine. Good luck.
  3. I play all kinds of music. I've been playing about 40 years. I've played in a Classic Rock & Blues cover band for several years. I'm planning on gigging solo in the next few months. I own all sorts of gear. Much of which I don't use anymore. I need to sell some. If something happened to this unit, I would definitely get another. The only thing that would stop me is if I had problems with the unit breaking down. I don't anticipate this though. I can't wait to gig with it. I bought the Digitech VR at about the time this VL2 was coming out. I read about it a little, and thought it was going to be too complicated to use. I was wrong. This is a great little unit. I set-and-forget, and get on with the business of playing and singing. What a concept. The guys at Digitech hit a home run with this thing. Craig Anderton has a lot of info on this unit on the web as well. Do a Google search, and read the string.
  4. Been playing for almost 40 years. All styles of music, but fave the blues. I play a Fender Roadhouse Strat thru a TU-2 tuner, Boss CS-3 (Monte Allum mod), Boss BD-2 (Monte Allum mod), Boss CE-2 (Monte Allum mod) and Fender Pro Twin amp. My setup is now quiet as a mouse, believe it or not. Sound is superb. Still tweaking knobs, getting used to things, but I like what I hear. No regrets with any of these mods. I hear a noticeable improvement. Since I'm tired giving Monte Allum all 10's for a rating, I'll knock off a point here, just for a change. I'll say it's because the led is way too bright. It blinds me when reacing down to make a knob adjustment. I come up seeing "spots", if you know what I mean. I like the brighter led's on the other two mods, as the stock ones are weak. But this one is an overkill.
  5. This was my first stomp box. I bought it new in the mid 80's sometime. I've always loved this pedal. I was a bit hesitant to "operate" on this thing, but after buying the mod for my CS-3, I couldn't resist. I was very satisfied with the whole deal. The quality of the sound improvements, the price, the instructions and customer support. I even bought the H2O mod for my BD-2.
  6. I play everything, but blues is my favorite. Been playing almost 40 years, and own too much gear to mention. I like Boss and Roland products, always have. They do a great job of adding a little color to the guitar sound. I try to let my fingers do the rest. I was so impressed with the result of the mod that I purchase the mod for the Boss BD-2 (H2O) and the CE-2 as well. Please read my postings for those as well. Performing the mods was pretty easy. Instructions are very good. Just take your time, and follow all the instructions. I was an electronic tech for many years, and was very comfortable making these mods. It was a piece of cake. I don't think I spent a half hour on each mod. Read all instructions first, start to finish, so you know what to expect and what's involved. Then follow, step-by-step. You'll end up with a nice pedal. It's well worth the $20-or-so he charges. Price of a resistor, a few pennies. Price of a good cap, a few more pennies. Price of an extra bright led, a nickle. price of a few diodes, solder, wick, etc, a few bucks. Having a pedal that helps you produce a sound that makes you smile, priceless ... Nice engineering work.
  7. I've played for close to 40 years. I currently play in a classic rock and blues band, but things are slowing down. I am going to start doing some solo gigs. I just picked this amp up from eBay, so I haven't had a chance to really put it thru the ringer. I own too much geat to list. My main gear is my Ovation Celebrity Deluxe acoustic-electric, Fender Roadhouse Strat, Fender Pro Twin, Fender Ultimate Chorus, Roland Blues Cube (I'm selling, any takers?), Fender Fat Strat, several pedals (Boss), etc. If something happened to this thing, I would definitely buy another, at least until something better comes along. This is a nice amp, especially for the price ($450 US from eBay). I always look at reviews to see what you guys think of your gear. Read several where many use this amp for solo gigs with much success. I can't wait to try it out. I think this amp covers everything I need for solo gigging. I just bring my Ovation, tuner, mic/stand, iPod and a few patch cords, and I'm ready to sound as good as anyone else out there.
  8. I've had this pedal for several years, but kept reading all the fuss about the TS-9. So ... I stopped at Guitar Center (Man, I hate that place) to "test drive" a TS-9. I brought home the TS-9, and played with both the TS-9 and BD-2 side-by-side for several hours. While both are great pedals, I think I like the BD-2 sound better. It sounds a lot "warmer" to me than the TS-9. In all fairness, maybe it's because I'm used to the sound. I may try out the TS-9 at my next gig just to give it a fair chance. But, I'm pretty sure I'll be paying another visit to GC to take the TS-9 back. The TS-9 did not have as much drive, and sounded a lot more "tinny". Plus, it's butt ugly and doesn't feel as robust when switching as the BD-2. I'm not knocking the TS-9, since it's a staple in the blues world (SRV, LLB, etc), but I just like the BD-2 sound just as well, so I don't need to shell out another $100. I play in a Classic Rock & Blues cover band, and this thing is with me all the time. It works great for all the styles my band plays (60's & 70's rock, and a lot of Blues). I have been playing for about 24 years. I would surely buy this pedal again if I had to for some reason.
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