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  1. Whats the difference between "style 1" and "style 2"? Is it refering to the body shape or something? I went to the charvel web site but somehow they dont really cover it....or maybe im just slow.
  2. I cant make out the name and thought maybe somebody here might know.
  3. I can't seem to find one that will work for this guitar. Maybe my measurements are off. Does anyone know the actual size? Can someone direct me in the right direction?
  4. For those who asked what model, its a pro mod san dimas wild card 6. Looks like this DSCN0143.jpg The truss rod tool koiwoi posted won't work but its a great idea, wish the was one for this thing.
  5. How are you supposed to adjust these things with the adjustment under the neck? Take off the neck? Why would any company make them that way?
  6. Thanks jtr654, but ive already tried that and it doesnt work. Not sure what it could be.
  7. I need to tune the fine tuner for my high E string higher in order to get to pitch but its tightened all the way. How do i fix this? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I've never owned a kahler until recently.
  8. So basically they were referring to the Harmonic minor scale and i was wrong in thinking that they were referring to the natural minor scale?
  9. "the V7 chord is always the dominant chord in both the minor and it's parallel major". I know the dominant chord is the V7 chord in a major key, but the minor part in that quote isn't right is it?
  10. I just have a question about something thats been puzzling me. Take Welcome To The Jungle for example, the beginning of the verse starts with a riff in A, but when it gets to the part "We are the people you can find..." The same riff is played except its now in E. Whats going on here theory wise? Is it changing keys or what? Its just something i notice in alot of songs and ive never really learned whats going on. Another example is Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. It starts out with a riff in A, then the same riff is played in B, then a little later on in the song its played in D. Another example is Bad Boy Boogie by AC/DC. If your not familiar with this song, listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4MuKV2jKvA In the verse, the Riff starts out in A, then the same riff goes to D and the same riff again goes to E all in the first verse. So whats going on here? Is it changing keys or what? How do i look at this?
  11. How old is she? How old are you? Not that its matters but im just curious.
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