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  1. spot

    Vox King Wah

    Buy them up because they are getting harder to find and 10 years from now they will be 3 times as much.
  2. spot

    G&L Super Hawk

    I've been playing since 1978. I was a die-hard Les Paul player from 1987 to about 2002 when I decided to try a Strat style. Couldn't find a good quality Fender in a reasonable price range so it was suggested to me to try G&L. I bought a 2002 used Legacy Special with a humbucker in the bridge. I sold every Gibson I owned since then and now have the eternal hunt for mid '80's G&L Super strats. Flat out - there is not an American made guitar, new or used, which is a better bang for the buck. Invaders, Rampages or Superhawks - that's it for me from this point on. If you're selling one email me first. ENDORSE ME G&L!!!!!!!!!
  3. spot

    G&L Legacy Special

    I've been playing rock since the mid eighties. Played Les Pauls exclusively live but always borrowed a Stratocaster for clean work in the studio. Have been looking for a guitar that can do both clean and chucky for years now. Played a couple Brian Moore guitars that really sounded nice both ways but the pricing was of the hook. It came down to a G&L or an older Boggie Bodies I was interested in but once I played a Legacy it was no contest.
  4. spot

    Mesa/Boogie DC-5 Head

    I have owned one of every big amp at some point along the way. This is the second DC-5 I've purchased and in my opinion, there's not a better made of more versitile tube amp on the market. Not to say anything bad about MESA Boogie but the DC series is far superior to the Nomand series that has replaced it. If you think you want to buy yourself a new Nomad, save yourself several hundred dollars and buy a used DC-5 or DC-10 and $60.00 worth of new tubes.
  5. I've been playing since '78. I play Les Pauls exclusively and I love old black face Fender's for a clean tone. If I lost the amp I would replace it with the same thing. It's by far the best of the smart amps for the money.
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