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  1. just got ' low side of the road' book for xmax...
  2. brand spanking new ... paypal conus
  3. Used less then a couple hours. Still have box and stuff. 45$ shipped. paypal conus.
  4. MINT Ibanez Ax7221 ( SG looking 7 string) paypal conus mint condition.. played less than an hour.. b
  5. Ibanez Ax7221 Mint- $160+ ship ..paypal conus email for pics
  6. pm with price and pics if available..will paypal ...thanks ..b
  7. emma discumbobulator $180 eh micro pog $170 both excellent condition ..flawless working order and appearance . shipped paypal conus probably not interested in trades.. but you can try.
  8. emma discumbobulator $180 obo eh micro pog solddddddddddd shipped paypal conus
  9. benagain


    Would you be interest in a trade for a BBE Main Squeeze compressor? thats tempting but i have an orange squeeze and bbe opto comp already.
  10. ive messed w programs like you mention but always seem to have to do so much post editing thats is just easier to tab it all out by ear and transcribe ( program name) then to d@#k around w those things .. i try and use them then realize ive just wasted an hour or two with nothing to show .. but that just may be me ...
  11. benagain


    edit. its modded. vibe switch and expression jack. its a little scratched but is flawless in operation .. b http://www.flickr.com/photos/22746135@N07/2660473872/ ex pedal not included .. will throw in for 10
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