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  1. See normally I would agree but it's a Frontman, and also no, you're wrong about this being a good idea for SS Fenders in general. The man deserves better, period. nothing wrong with a frontman at all. it's not made for loud playing-- and even he admits it sounds alright not screamin' loud, because it does, and it sounds very much like a fender, which it is. mostly-- he just needs a burlier amp- and if that's what y' mean with 'better'-- i'm inclined to agree. but i've run a frontman 25 with pedals AND used the onboard dirt. does a respectable job with both, really. key to that amp is basically turning the treble pretty doggone low. i think they give you extra outrageous treble on that thing because they also give it RCA jacks to be used as for a music player to go full range. the speaker'll do it.. but it's some seriously weird mojo to have that much top with a guitar.
  2. what's your main beef with the frontman? curious that you say it sucks, as it's a pretty decent cheap amp that sounds like a fender to me.
  3. i'm going with less than 10 '69 f100 two tone. aw shit. if i had that, i wouldn't need any other sexy cars...
  4. man, just leave it alone. cleaning it might help... but unless you want to piss away it's entire value, i'd probably leave it alone.
  5. no, man, but I had to come into work early. four hours of sleep after last night's tilted kilt romp with Loop and Xance. HA! you guys actually went... nice.. i was up at 5 making molasses cookies.. i think i might take the tilted kilt option next time
  6. Stretch out, and wait. Stretch out, and wait. Let your puny body lie down, lie down. As we lie, you say, "Will the world end in the nighttime?" I really don't know. Wait. Wait. I never had the chance to lawve you. But, I only wanna say "I lawve you" one more time! you find the absinthe again, gene?
  7. yeah-- they're a little slow. DON'T sweat it. i ordered one on the black friday sale last year, and ran into the same wait. really- they WILL get it to you even if it pains you to wait-- but they'll deliver. i don't get the impression that they're a big company-- but hang tight, it'll come!
  8. the guy who takes care of booking has the hardest job in the band... the rest of the shit is easy.
  9. Consider the size of your room; the speaker size is imported. In a 200x220 room, I found even 6" drivers weren't giving me a good reproduction and had to go to 5". I didnt like the MR5s I had and went with the KRK RP5s in the end. yeah-- definitely comes down to the room and the ears. i gave all the krk's a good whack, and they seemed to just have underdamped bass so it was a bit flappy. ultimately-- i think it always comes down to what you can tolerate for long sits and what you get USED to to translate outward. i think given at least a baseline resolution-- you can mix on anything-- it's mostly what you're comfortable with.
  10. i'll make my standard recommendation of mackie mr5s. krks are too woofy, maudios are too woofy and too bright, i don't trust behringers build quality-- but can't speak to their sound, and i don't like yamaha hs 50s. i prefer the mr5's over the mr8's and the newer 824s too. but if you can hold out... yamaha hs80s.
  11. uh... ok. pretty cool that you hold a guitar up to your chest which isn't translucent unless you've got jellyfish dna. yeah.. the 80s weren't good to a lot of people..
  12. oh {censored}.. it's too bad yer gonna get locked for spam.. if you'dve hit me 2 weeks ago, it'd be in my practice space by now...
  13. i sorta laughed, cause i haven't seen NWOBHM in a while... i was kinda hoping you were asking about NKOTB tones... like 'hangin' tough' era?
  14. big joe williams.. i think he used 9 strings..
  15. lol, the Gretsch was sold a little while back. THe pickups were too damn low output, and {censored}ed with my fuzzes that I had dialed in for my HIGH output SG. So it was worthless as a backup, and I got bored with the Bigsby. Basically the exact same reasons I sold this one a couple years ago d'oh! yeah.. it's a little easier going to a hotter guit than a colder! shoulda got a micro amp....
  16. how is that electromatic treatin' ya? still kickin' ass and takin' names?
  17. No, I just moved into my new apartment, no neighbors. It's next to my office. SCORE! industrial zoning? OMG the sonic disasters which would be wroughth had i no neighbors....
  18. I just had my DSL 50's master volume at 10 in my apartment. yeah, but yer a madman, and apparently have deaf neighbors, cause everyone in cleveland is old, and a browns fan.... :: EDIT: kidding kidding....
  19. but it's not really a stage amp though-- so would he need anything louder for apartment livin'?
  20. yeah-- paul klipsch-- the guy who created klipsch speakers- had a famous quote that what america needed was a GOOD 1 watt amp. mind you, that's when speakers were the size of end tables... much like a 412. it holds true for a LOT of things like PA and prosound drivers which are REALLY efficient.. as are most guit speakers. the {censored}ers are LOUD for most practice type scenarios...
  21. 50 Watt Amp: |---------------------------------------------------------------| 1 Watt amp: |-----| ah yeah, but 50 watt amp [-----] 1 watt amp [------------------------------------------------------------------------] those measure not penile size, but in fact, neighbor patience and acceptance. and also tone to volume ratio....
  22. True... plus.. it'd probably be more transparent than the eq they threw on any bitty amp anyhow, AND, you don't get a whole lot of tonal variation anyhow with that little wattage.. so set 'er and forget 'er.. just step on it when you warm up the amp! if yer anything like me.. once you hit the squashy tone you get once it's full bore, you won't want to turn it back down anyhow!
  23. That was pretty cool. I saw the Killer ant but I don't like that it only has a volume knob put an eq pedal on the floor... zoom zoom!
  24. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] i've played some 45 based hifi amps and some WE 421 based amps that were freakin LOUD with a 99+ db/w pair of speakers... but the killer ant runs off two 12ax7's, IIRC.. sounds pretty badass through a fullstack..
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