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  1. Hello all, I have a Spider Valve head for sale, excellent condition. I purchased it from Musicians Friend about 1 year ago and have only put about 10-15 hours of play on it. Originally bought it for a practice amp in my office but used another head instead. Its in excellent condition and works perfectly...when it was shipped there was a bad tube in it ( I replaced the bad tube) and a small dent where the D button is (occured during shipping) but it has worked flawlessly since. Sounds excellent at low vol for bedroom or much better loud as the powertubes add much tone. This is the 100w head. 475.00 plus shipping (pay via paypal) or offers I have sold a few things on HC with some great people and prefer this over ebay.I have great feedback on ebay so feel confident in dealing, my ebay name is Crow66 thanks for looking Ronnie Where are in NC are you located Ronnie. I'm in VA. I'm thinking about picking up one of these. Thanks- C
  2. I use open back Fenders too, and the CMATMODS Brownie is the best I've found. +1 for the brownie. just got mine a week a go and am running it with a fender deluxe rev reissue. bitchin'.
  3. Hey all. I'm looking for some input on an OD/Distortion pedal for use with Vox amps. My apartment amp is a Vox Pathfinder 15R and I'm saving up for a Vox AC15/30 for playing out. So I'm looking for a pedal that would work for both the Vox tube and non-tube amp, preferably. I'm looking for something suitable for 70s-style punk, garage rock, to some alt country sounds. (Stooges, ramones, dead boys, buzzcocks, clash, replacements, uncle tupelo, whiskeytown, red house painters, sparklehorse, neil young, etc. to give you a range). I have a Peppermint Fuzz for my fuzz needs, but need od/distortion. I've been looking at OCD, Crunchbox, Cmatmods Brownie, and I know there's lots of love for Screw Driver and Timmy. I'd prefer one pedal that can cover od and distortion ground. Money not an issue, but inexpensive options are especially welcome. Suggestions????? Just got a brownie last week. Killer pedal. Surprised at how much original tone is retained from my strat and deluxe reverb rig considering this is a high gain pedal. Well worth the money. also pickd up a signa comp, delay pedal and tubeslammer from cmatmods. all are exceptional. these blow away the boss stuff that i've been used to.
  4. MI Audio Crunchbox for distortion. I have one on the way to combine with a Vox, so I haven't played it yet myself. But the clips on Pro Guitar Shop sound great. Many others here recommend the Crunchbox for Marshall-style distortion. Or a Zvex Box of Rock.... I'll try to hunt down some clips of these now. Thanks for the suggestions
  5. CATMODS Brownie for distortion - so sweet! - and tons of gain. There are so many great overdrives that it's hard to recommend one. My current fave is the Signa Drive. Chad's pedals are great and pretty cheap compared to a lot of boutique pedals. I'm waiting on a Toadworks Li'l Leo, which is supposed to sound like a classic Fender amp dimed. I'll let you know. yeah, this one seems pretty interesting to me. I've listened to a couple of clips.
  6. have been playing Marshalls and Mesas for years but came across a deal I couldn't pass up so I picked up a Fender Deluxe Rev Reissue. Fenders are obviously known for their cleans but current band plays mostly hard rock covers. I need a good overdrive and strong distortion solution for rhythm and lead work that would work well with this amp. I'm afraid that many distorions will sound thin or fizzy mixed with this thing. Suggestions? Thanks!
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