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  1. Yes. So long as nothing is plugged into the input, you should be fine. Get a Boss daisy chain or a OneSpot. You can use the daisy chain out off of your tuner (powered by an adapter), or you can just get a OneSpot for everything. Dude......that's exactly what I did after I read the manual! Lesson learned...read the manual! Thanks, Crxshdxmmy...
  2. Hi Guys...Finally got around to playing with my first pedal (Bad Monkey)...anyway, I kept it connected (turned off) between the guitar, tuner and amp...the next day, I turn it back on and discovered that the battery is totally drained! My Boss TU-12 Tuner (turned off) doesn't have this problem when I leave it connected. So I read the Bad Monkey manual and it says: 6. Input Jack Connect your instrument to this jack. Connecting a guitar cable to this jack engages battery power even though the Indicator LED may not be lit. To prolong battery life, disconnect all cables from the pedal when not in use. I'll be buying a power supply for it soon...in the meantime: 1. Can I keep it connected to the tuner and amp as long as I don't plug anything (like the guitar)into the Input Jack? 2. What do you use to power your effects chain/pedal board as I will be buying more pedals? Thanks for your input!
  3. So far, I'm reading these threads and everyone seems to go for JJ's, Mullards, EI's or Tungsols when it comes to replacing their 12AX7s and/or EL84s...I'm still learning about my Blackheart and look forward to swapping out the chinese tubes in the near future in order to A/B the difference between what the stock chinese and these other brands offer. The Groove Tube branded tubes are readily available at any Guitar Center...but I have not heard any praise coming out of this forum towards this brand...are they that bad? Please educate me...
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