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  1. Mint condition, works perfectly. You guys know the drill on this one. This is the older, superior (IMO) 2U version of the mono 610 tube preamp. $750 shipped in the continental 48. Sorry for the blurry pics, but I'm no photographer ohads.email@gmail.com EDIT: Pics won't show up as images, even though I'm using the IMG tag. Click for pics!
  2. I went and tried the Duncan Tweakfuzz today...didn't like it much. There was a kazoo-like quality to the midrange that I couldn't dial out, despite the "tweaks". I didn't compare it to any other pedals, and I played it through a 2x12 Fender tube combo. I didnt have time to try out the Big Muff, but I dont think it would be up my alley. The store only had those two fuzz pedals Any more suggestions, or reading material about fuzz?
  3. The Voodoo Lab one is about $50 more expensive than the Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz. I wasn't really planning on spending more than $100 on a new pedal.
  4. Thinking of buying a Fuzz pedal. It's never been my thing before; I've always played with my amp's distortion with maybe a clean boost. I've been bitten by the EJ bug for weeks now. I've already picked up a pedal to simulate the tape delay, and now I'm itching for the fuzz. I'm not necessarily trying to cop his tone, but I'd like something similar and cost effective. At this point I dont know that I'd be even able to tell the difference between fuzz types, but I dont want anything too sludgy. EJ's fuzz tone is still pretty well defined when he plays chords, I've heard fuzz tones that sound really mucky a la Foxy Lady. It would be nice to be able to dial in both tones though. I was looking at the Dunlop (Arbiter) Fuzz Face, but was wondering if there are any better options out there. Dunlop has a Hendrix fuzz out too that looks like it might be cool, and Duncan has one that looks pretty cool too. Anyone out there use Fuzz pedals and have a suggestion?
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