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  1. this is just some stroker who think he can do good deals, when in reality it's nothing more than talk and none of the items are actually owned or stocked.
  2. you know that most people outside the US expect to pay for shipping though? The appeal is that these type of units are probably a dime a dozen, however in places like Australia, they aren't so common so you take into account the shipping as well. I am in no ways trying to pressure you as it's up to you as to how you wish to sell, but these days if you accept paypal and send via some form of post that has tracking numbers or proof of shipping you can't really go to far wrong. But with that said, good luck with the sale, as i agree there are way to many tyre kickers out there.
  3. i'll return your emails, should you decide to ship outside the US
  4. Want to be more specific about the model? There's a few around.
  5. if you can ship to Australia???? i'll bid
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!!!!!! but sucks to be me, living in Australia.
  7. no offence to you personally, but it's a pretty ambitious price i gotta say..
  8. do do do do....... do do do do.......... do do do do........
  9. no price offers for your friends at Harmony Central?? just straight to ebay??
  10. no offence, but yeah I gotta agree, bit pricey.
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