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  1. One picture, and that is of a four-string bass?
  2. "And do not stand your guitar case on its end. " Why not? You say it is "obvious", but it really isn't. I have no choice but to put my guitar cases on end at home, because of space limitations. (If the issue is that the case might fall over, well, that's why my guitar cases are placed between bookcases so that they won't fall even if bumped.)
  3. Coke is a weird example, given it's a multinational company with a bunch of minority-owned subsidiaries some of which would likely survive well enough in the event of a hypothetical bankruptcy in the US parent company. Even if the flagship Coke drink were taken off the market those bottling companies in other countries are making a lot of money from other products.
  4. Aren't beats per minute irrelevant? It's notes per minute that would give a reference for how fast his fingers are moving. Though of course that begs the question of whether he's actually playing "notes" or just making noises.
  5. The only similarity I see is in the lyric phrase "funk you up". Musically I don't see any connection: the two songs have different grooves, different tunes, and different structures - in as far as the Sequence tune even has a structure. And they have a completely different "vibe". Uptown Funk has a bright, infectious groove that makes me want to get up and dance. Funk You Up is boring from start to finish - it makes me want to turn it off. I was singing along to Uptown Funk the first time I heard it, whereas I just listened to Funk You Up a moment ago and already I can't remember the tune at all. Regarding Oops Upside Your Head, I can definitely hear a similarity with some of the end section of Uptown Funk. 17% royalties seems reasonable because I think that's roughly what percentage of Uptown Funk is similar but the rest is different.
  6. So far I'm very happy with the M60. Great sound together with great versatility in one amp. Some other stuff I looked at (including the Marshall JTM combo series, Peavey Classic 50, and Peavey EVH combo) had really good tone, but wasn't very versatile (the Peaveys, both of which I liked, only have one EQ section between both channels, for example). I would never have been able to afford a new Rivera (about AUS$2,800 or so), but I was lucky that a used M60 was advertised at about the same time as I got a big tax refund. If it was stolen and my insurance company didn't pay for some reason (it's supposed to be covered for replacement with a *new* amp) I would not get another Rivera unless I was able to find another second-hand one, 'cause the new price is just too high in Australia. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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