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  1. PayPal on the way. At this rate of raffle creation, I'll be broke again. Axe, all the best from now on.
  2. Good lesson, Mike. It really expands the possibilities. I didn't listen to the audio files, but I got a clear sense of what you were illustrating.
  3. You guys with the jumpy tuners, have you tried just using the neck pup, turning off the tone and just plinking the strings above the fretboard? That eliminates all the hunting bc of harmonics. I don't use a tuner other than my ear. Never have, but this was something I read a while ago and it made sense. I might not have all the details accurate, but elimination of the harmonics above the fundamental is what is necessary.
  4. Try backing off on the amp gain. Maybe use the clean channel, if you haven't tried it. The C30 is a great amp; I have a C50 410 and all effects sound great with it.
  5. Looking for Multi-efx with sampling such as Korg AX series, etc. Not plastic, prefer floor model.
  6. Hey everyone....my first post. I always wanted to learn to play a guitar so I got myself a black Fender Standard American Stratocaster and a Fender Blues Jr. amp for Christmas. The lessons begin on Thursday. Nice start. Enjoy. I got sick. Still haven't eaten today.
  7. Use a mag glass of some sort, then. Or, find circuit diagram online.
  8. Replace that cap and it should be ok. That c-1 is a cap, right? It should be a disc or cylindrical. Burned components sometimes look burned. Can you post a pic or link to one?
  9. I changed it too 0.033uF, which is wat Keeley recommends. I also tried 0.047 and 0.068, but 0.033 sounds the best to me. These are all the mods I did. I copied them from the Keeley site, he mentions a couple of others too but I never bothered with those. BTW, I increased C14to 0.22uF: "D3 Change this 1SS133 to a different (1N4002) diode for asymmetrical clipping. This adds second order harmonics. This adds to the tube type sound. I like the sound of this change." "D7 D8 D9 and D10 Change 2 of of these diodes from 1SS133 to a single 1N4002. More second order harmonic distortion." "C14 Increase input coupling capacitor value to 0.1uF for increased bass response from your guitar." "C100 Here is where we can affect the tone control. I prefer a little more lower-midrange and bass frequencies through the tone section. You can increase the lower frequencies by increasing the capacitor value to 0.033uF." Nice of Keeley to post that info. I suppose there are a lot of people who don't diy and want the mods so his workflow doesn't suffer with all the types of pedals he mods. Thank you for the info, too. Might have to try these.
  10. It really is the thought that counts. Sending a card or phoning someone to tell them that you love them means more than all the other extravagant bullcrap combined. Thanks for that. There are several other reasons as well, but staying in touch one way or another means more to all of us.
  11. $0-10. I just send greeting cards and make a few phone calls.
  12. It's just endemic of a fake, plastic, air-brushed society. And naturally I speak at this time, the commercial gang-bang 'Spend spend spend money on {censored}e' season... Ho ho {censored}ing ho We are cynical, aren't we? I have to agree, just too much merchandising in life in general. Even on a personal level. Saline sacks are only part of it.
  13. The BD-2 is a great pedal. I did a couple of small mods, the most important of which is changing the cap on the tone pot. That's the only mod the Bluesdriver really needs in my opinion. Other than that, it's good to go. Which cap value?
  14. Turn the cabinet modeling off, set the amp to clean, no problems... Much like using pedals before the amp. Each unit has it's own characteristics though, so you might wanna double check every detail before ordering one. And no, there's not much love for multi-effects around here... If you're talking about the AX3000G then I can tell you it does seem to be a Vox Tonelab without the tube... So basically you won't have "power amp tube modeling" and the stompboxes models are in the same section as the preamps. There's the ESS feature though - not available on the Tonelab - which sounds like a cool idea but I haven't heard much people talking about it. Boss, Digitech, Line6 and Zoom... All worth checking out too. I just want a new toy to play with and that's that. From the reviews I've read at TSB, some of these units are well worth the money. I've heard some files and the sounds are quite amazing. Not wanting another guitar or amp right now, so this seems like just the thing.
  15. Thanks for the info. I have a Classic 50 and no effects loop. Although I do have an old Ibanez UE405 effects box with a loop. Would it work with that? I'm thinking of a Korg Toneworks unit.
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