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  1. #3 - don't track you levels as hot as possible. that was the way it was done on analog systems. try to keep your peaks below -3. then after all is done use gb's limiter to bring up the level.
  2. wasn't aware of these... now i think i need to get one. i'm always looking for the perfect quick practice/ideas solution, and this seems to fit the bill better than most.
  3. Cathedral has infinite decay, and has a nice lpf/damper knob Space is great too, but is more difficult to dial in
  4. if by "use" you mean, are on my pedalboard, and i haven't played in forever =(. then yes. I do want to add a flint though, but i'll keep the space
  5. the thing with the microPOG is that it has a set filter that just works wonderfully. you can probably get super close the pog2, but it might not sound exactly the same, but that's not to say better or worse.
  6. Nice, you can get an awesome crunch by over loading the input slider
  7. Can someone please do a clip vs pog family.
  8. It's usually a custom job, and you should expect to pay an additional 20-30 dollars per silent switch. It is simple, but not easy.
  9. baseball bat indeed. felt so similar to a nocaster neck. that said... ordered!
  10. can someone confirm the whether latency in latch mode is normal?EHX hasn't gotten back to me about it. i'll see if i can hear what you're hearing this weekend.
  11. hmm... i'm a little concerned with the 1.625 nut. i had a blacktop tele, and although i never measured it, the spec was 1.650, and i thought it was a touch narrow. i'll try to find one to play this weekend
  12. Is the soft v the same as the ej strat neck? The on I'm looking at is 7lb8oz.
  13. thinking about it, but would like to hear how the chord mode goes up against the pog. if it's not even close, then it's really not much of a benefit to me.
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