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  1. Used twice, includes box, I took off the rubber feet on the bottom of the pedal and put on some velcro. $100 shipped
  2. Realized that I'd like a reverb pedal, and the chicklet looks great. anyone selling?
  3. if you're looking for Laney, I have a GH50L I've been trying to unload if you're interested
  4. Hey guys, looking to unload my Laney GH50L. Had it sticking around since I bought an Orange and Craigslist is giving me no love. Doesn't have a logo on the front, and there are a few very small scuffs in the tolex. I can take and send pictures if anyone is interested. Any offers? No trades please.
  5. jtsbua

    Ibanez WH-10 FT

    forgot about this thread, any offers?
  6. I'll possibly take some trade offers too
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