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  1. Hey Abe... Not trying to bum your thread, but CE models are bolt-on necks...
  2. I have a DOD FX65 stereo chorus in poor cosmetic shape but works perfect. has a delay knob which can create tremolo type effects, as well I appreciate the offer, but I have a couple other things pending.
  3. WOOOOOH!!! Clean up on aisle my pants....don't usually say this, but if I had the scratch that thang'd be in my house. Good luck on an awesome guitar.
  4. do you have a over all pic... full w/ headstock of the AES ? please post if you do... Dirteye (and anyone else interested...), here is a link to my photobucket page... All pics of the Yamaha can be found here..sorry I don't have them seperated, I'm not that smart. Any questions, just let me know. http://s246.photobucket.com/albums/gg120/dangolguitartech/
  5. The last Yamaha I got from dangolguitartec is still my favorite guitar. One of the very few I kept when I moved. :wave:Thanks, Verence...glad you still like it! (told you it was a great guitar...:thu:)
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