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  1. Tom Holmes PAFs [video=youtube;XmC-zQPZ4Ng] Tom Holmes is the guru for PAF's. Ask Reverend William Gibbons and others and you'll understand. P.S. He designed the 57 Classic for Gibson. https://www.vintageguitar.com/3054/paf-test-run/
  2. For my R9 I went with a set of Tom Holme's.
  3. Good Chinese guitars. http://www.eastmanguitars.com/
  4. Junk and that's being nice. There are good Chinese guitars, that crap is not among them.
  5. Assume price is no object, I have quite a few things to sell so if something really is the best of the best I should be able to afford it. Skinpimps are fantastic if you're looking for older Tonebender vibes.
  6. Well {censored}, lately I've been noticing some thinning at the crown of my head, now I can see a slight bald spot starting It's not bad, but this kind of sucks... Anyone else have this happen? Just do what others do and shave your head.
  7. Gibson would head their own website "Breaking News" {censored}ers Jesus, you do realize that's a standard way of stating news on many business sites right?
  8. You want the 919, Superdelay is sooo yesterday. And that's your problem...
  9. Diceworks pedals always struck me as pedals that promise a lot of versatility, but in truth, not all those options are useful, and even sometimes are a jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none sort of deal. His Fuzz Face/Tonebender one is one such case. The Fuzz Epic, i believe? It's not ideal to have on the fly FF/TB switching because the bias for the two circuit is different. So you're not going to get optimal tone for one of the circuits... Anyway, don't use more than the recommended voltage, unless it's stated it's okay. Not all caps are created equal, and putting a voltage in higher than what the cap is rated for is a sure fire way to break your pedal. You got lucky, most caps are rated for at least 12V...but Don't try it again. Not true in my case. All settings are useful. Now that said I will never recommenced Erich's pedals anymore because he has become a complete ass when trying to get your pedal and answering emails. But for the quality and tone it is better than any I've tried this side of a Cornish.
  10. I have a Muff Diver and love it. However I ran out of batteries today so in a pinch, I plugged in a positive tip 12 volt adaptor. It worked fine but the pedal calls for a 9 volt. My question is, will running my Muff Diver at 12 volts hurt the pedal? Go! And thanks. I am running my Muff Diver Finale off a CAE MC-403 Power System. I am using the variable power plug which I tuned to where I like it. Probably 8 volts or so.
  11. blah blah blah Being a troll is OK, being a stupid troll only makes you look stupid.
  12. I've always been impressed by how much the Beatles changed their sound within a seven year gap or so. It's insane. It was the drugs. At least in regards to the Fixing a hole. In an interview with Q magazine from around the time of his 1997 album Flaming Pie, McCartney said that the song's lyric began with the simple idea of someone mending a hole in the road, and that he was living alone and smoking a lot of marijuana when he wrote it. And oddly enough it was John playing bass on it.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9FacSNRBHk And that's the first original composition they ever recorded, way the f back in 1961. Cry for a Shadow" by Lennon and Harrison When you consider that band in a few short years created this it is astounding.
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