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  1. Macbook Pro 15" Core i7 2.66GHz 1680 x 1050 glossy hi res screen 4GB DDR3 Ram 500GB hard drive (I can include a 256GB SSD instead for $250 more if there's interest) Applecare through 2013 Incase hardshell case (black) Original Box, Charger, and Install Disks Included The recording sessions I'm working on have changed to primarily extremely long live sessions. Unfortunately, even the Mac daddy Macbook Pro isn't cutting it anymore when it comes time to mix things down. I'll need a desktop so this will have to go to make room for it. I would much prefer to trade this for something I need than sell it outright but I'll sell it as well. Here are the trades I'm looking for (plus cash either way to even up the trade): Mac Pro 8 Core (2010 westmere version or better) 6 String Dingwalls (Semi Hollow if it's an Afterburner II, I already have a solid body one). Ibanez SR506, SR1306, or SR5006 basses (Bubinga or Wenge necks) Ibanez GVB1006 bass Unity Audio The Rock Monitors JBL 6328 Monitors RME Fireface UFX interface Blue Kiwi A Designs Pacifica A Designs Reddi Avalon U5 A decent Acoustic Guitar (Solid Top, preferably Larivee/ Breedlove/ Babicz) Kawai MP10 $2050 Shipped
  2. $1250 (license will be transferred via iLok.com. You'll need an iLok account) The Digidesign Complete Toolkit unlocks the extra features of Pro Tools 8 or Pro Tools 9. In Pro Tools 9, it unlocks all the features of Pro Tools HD except for the HEAT plugin. More info here: (Check out the FAQ. Complete Toolkit is the same as Complete Toolkit 2) (http://shop.avid.com/store/product.do?product=307036370322096) I'll accept full / partial trades for (and add cash if necessary): Ibanez SR506, SR1306, or SR5006 basses (Bubinga or Wenge necks) Ibanez GVB1006 bass Markbass Minimark combo PJB Briefcase combo PJB 4B bass cab Unity Audio The Rock Monitors Event 20/20 bas V2s JBL 6328 Monitors Mackie HRS120 Sub RME Fireface UFX interface Mojave MA200 Blue Kiwi Blue Bottle Rocket with B6 Capsule Red Type B with B6 capsule A Designs Pacifica A Designs Reddi Avalon U5 $1250
  3. You can't get a tablet with a mutitouch screen and stylus input with an Intel processor. This isn't just a laptop. Anyway, this processor is far faster than the intel ULV processors they're using now. This saves you more than half off those as well.
  4. Sold! 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB DDR3 Ram 128 GB SSD Applecare until August 2012 Original Box, Charger, and Disks (Leopard 10.5.7) included It will come formatted as Leopard or Snow Leopard at your preference If you've never used a Macbook Pro with a Solid State Drive, it's an experience. Most applications load almost instantly and the computer will boot from being completely off in about 20 seconds. I'm looking for a 15" Core i7 High Res (1680x1050) or Core i7 17" Macbook Pro in Trade. I'll add cash to get one. I'm not interested in anything else. Condition is 9 out of ten with only one significant blemish. (Shown in the photo below) $1200 Shipped Paypal'd
  5. +1 I would feel a lot safer making deals here with one.
  6. This is the best Nuendo / Cubase interface there is. It has a channel strip plugin on every analog input channel (you can use them in your DAW as well) for fixing monitor mixes and other audio work. The unit is in excellent condition with only light scratches from rackmounting. The preamps are amazing on it as well. Unfortunately, everything I'm doing these days invovles Pro Tools or track counts beyond this unit (I need to expand to 32-48 channels in / out for one of my recording rigs) so this might have to go to fund my audio endeavors. Though, if you have a 003+, I could buy yours outright and ADAT this in to it. Choices, choices... Here's what I'm looking for: $750 shipped Digidesign 003+ (with Pro Tools 8) Current Mac Mini or Macbook Pro Core i7 Desktop (or Mac Pro) preferably rackmount MY16AT (Yamaha 16 channel ADAT expansion cards) RME Fireface 800
  7. No thanks. I like to stay with 25" scale and up guitars because of my downtuning.
  8. Body: Alder Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Pickups: Bartolinis Preamp: Demeter Sound: Awesome Dingwalls have become my bread and butter for basses. This one is a little less aggressive than my Afterburner II. Pretty much the Bartolini sound with some extra evenness in tone from the fanned frets. The playability is awesome (if you don't look directly at it for too long, otherwise you might get a headache). The condition is about 8 out of 10 in my opinion (only minor wear). If it was a 6 string you'd have to pry it from my casket on my death. As it stands, the only basses I'll take in trade are fanned fret ones (preferably a similar 6 string Dingwall). Otherwise, I really need a new computer for work since I've started doing audio editing again and might delve into more serious video editing. I'll outline what I'm looking for below. What I'm looking for trade-wise: Laptop with Firewire 800 (Origin, Eurocomm, Clevo, Apple, Alienware, etc...) MY16AT (16 channel Adat cards for Yamaha M7Cl and similar consoles)
  9. Brand: HP Processor Type: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz Screen Size: 12.1 inches (Multi-touch) Processor Configuration: Dual Core Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium Memory (RAM): 3 GB Primary Drive: DVD-RW Hard Drive Capacity: 320 GB Graphics: ATI Radeon 3200 The HP tx2z-1000 tablet laptop is in very good condition with the charger and a sleeve case included. The battery grants about an hour of run time currently. This laptop has a touchscreen and it can swivel around so you can use the touch feature only. This also has the touchscreen pen and the media center remote. Originally ran Vista Home Premium but i have a Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade disk and key (100% authentic) that you can have for 50 dollars extra and you must send me an pm when you purchase it saying you want Windows 7 Ultimate installed instead of the default Vista installation. Either way I'll do a fresh install of the operating system on shipment. I'll accept trades for 8GB or Apple Ram for a Mid 2010 Macbook Pro (Only Apple or OWC), 256GB Crucial Real SSDs, and 30" 2560 x 1600 LED Backlit LCDs, I'l add cash if necessary $550 Shipped (Paypal is fine)
  10. This interface is one of the best things to come out of M-Audio. It's by far the cheapest way to get an 8+ mic pre Pro Tools (M-Powered) compatible setup. It's 8 mic pres are great for tracking full drumsets or racks of sound modules. An added plus is that the XLR/ TRS combo jacks, when used as TRS completely bypass the mic pre and let you directly access the converter to get the true sound of whatever external preamp you want to use. The 2 ADAT inputs mean that you can also expand to 24 inputs in and out with only two ADAT cables (and the pres!). This unit is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and accessories (firewire cable isn't original). I'm looking for: Cash A-Designs REDDI Direct Box Avalon U5 Direct Box Mojave Audio MA-200 Microphone Phil Jones Bass 4B Bass Cab Apple Mac Mini (current generation) $500 Shipped and Paypal'd
  11. kbr

    FS: Avalon U5

    Does it come with the rack kit? If so, which one?
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