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  1. Plays perfectly. Has a crack in the enamel that has existed and never worsened since I got it. Includes hardshell case and a new set of strings. $750
  2. bibbidy bobbidy BUMP for J-daddy part deaux! This thang sounds scrumpdiddly tastic as I have heard it many times.
  3. Tim, thanks but not interested. Good luck
  4. MRAAJR, no thanks man thirsty one, interesting improvements to the Deville, but no thanks jwando . . . who da man? you da man! your hall of fame in my book coach!
  5. Got pics Boboroo(sp?). Somewhat interested but then I would be out of an amp and seeing that I play a couple times a week, that would be bad. But, still, can I see it?
  6. Great amp! 3 years old and just retubed. Looking for ideas . . . and could possibly put up some extra cash if you have something of higher value that sparks my attention.
  7. Really interested in getting one of these so I can practice anywhere in my house. I have trade options: Fulltone Fulldrive II Electro Harmonix Bassballs DOD preamp pedal Toontrack EZ Drummer
  8. I want this, but I need to sell my sansamp bass driver first. Its a bass pedal, but would you be interested in it? Or anyone else for that matter . . . ha ha.
  9. 150 shipped or best reasonable offer. I bought this in 2005 and only used it a couple of times; mostly for recording at home. I think I gigged it twice. Its in excellent conditon; there is a scratch on the bottom and corner, but it works perfectly. I just got news that I will be switching from bass to rhythm guitar in my church band, so I need some overdrive pedals. Tell me what you got!
  10. I offered up my orange jazz bass for a trade . . . I got denied. If he wanted it, I would have taken a risk and asked for shipping paid on his part, but I didn't make it that far. Oh well . . .
  11. This stuff is really hillarious. I feel sorry for any suckers that fall for it.
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