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  1. Still for sale? Email me Keith.labell@yahoo.com Emailed
  2. Updated first pic to current look.
  3. Hell of a deal...... See, that's what I'm saying...yet nobody is buying {censored}ing economy
  4. You aren't close to the WI border by chance are you? I'm not too far from it. I live right on the IA/IL border about 2.5 hours west of Chicago.
  5. I'm gonna be shopping for one next month when I've got the money. I'm hoping to get a red stripe but a Green would be fine. Too bad about the "No Trades" part... I may know a guy with access to some nice Marshall clones... I'm hoping this thing isn't around in a months time, but the market is super slow around here. I may have to list it on rig-talk and TGP. Would really like to have it gone by next week to be honest as I'm going to be on a fishing trip the following week...
  6. Just in case you missed this before....
  7. Good price, surprised no one has grabbed it yet! I couldn't agree more
  8. Still for sale. Price drop!!!
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