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  1. I’ve had a Harmony 8418 for a little while. It was working fine yesterday but today no sound is coming out.  I haven’t had any issues before.  The fuse looks ok & the speaker wires are connected. The 5y3gt is lighting up and gets warm.  The 6v6 doesnt seem to light up but it gets warm. The 6sj7 is enclosed so I can’t see if it lights up but it did get faintly warm.  Any suggestions?

  2. On 1/13/2021 at 2:50 PM, garthman said:

    I think the tilt is probably OK but there is any easy fix when using a saddle that is narrower than the slot. Just cut a strip of thin plastic (a piece from a pill blister pack works well) the same length as the saddle and just a touch less in height than the slot depth and slip it into the slot in front of the saddle. You want a reasonably snug fit so hunt around if pill blister packs are too thin.

    thank you. i think that may actually be too thick. i used 2-3 sheets of paper cut into strips and added them to the side closest to the neck.

  3. Do you think this level of tilt in the saddle is a problem? There is a very subtle gap between the saddle and bridge. Also, I like the sound of FWI saddles and the only compensated one I can find is made for Martin guitars, but it seems that Martin uses a slightly thinner saddle dimension - about a difference of the thickness of a couple sheets of paper.  Any recommendations?



  4. ....also note that in the JazzGuitar post above they refer to the bridge pickup; for this pickup one could sand the spacer to lower the pickup, but doing this on the neck pickup doesn't really work because the spacer is almost flush with the screws on the bottom of the p90

  5. pickup housing sits just slightly below the neck. if you're not doing easy finger style playing and do some serious strumming you get intense attack because the strings are too close and if you want to adjust the pole pieces to tweek the tone the strings will hit the pole pieces. i've always had the bridge height high but haven't played it much because of this. check out this post which also addresses the issue http://www.jazzguitar.be/forum/guitar-amps-gizmos/12875-just-got-godin-5th-ave-kingpin-cw.html

  6. I have a godin kingpin guitar with a single p90 in the neck position (sits on top of the body). It fits the guitar but it's way to close to the strings. Anyone know of a shorter p90 that would give some more space between the pickup and the strings? Maybe a jazzmaster-style pickup - i saw a video on youtube that i can't find now, but someone running into the same issue on a different hollowbody and made a 4k wind jazzmaster-style pickup that fit (had fixed magnets under each string instead of pole pieces)

  7. i'll start another thread to see if anybody knows of a shorter replacement for a p90, but if anyone has any input on cutting into the godin i'd appreciate it. will this compromise the guitar structurally? will the acoustic and amplified tone change much because of the hole?

  8. thanks. there is only one pickup in the guitar so interaction with another pickup not an issue. it's hollowbody so the wire will just fall inside the body & not be pinched. pickup is a duotron — gonna try the rails under bass strings & pole piece section under treble strings

  9. The pickup on this guitar is just way too high that playing up on the neck causes the strings to hit the pickup. I sanded the spacer as low as it could go but running into the same issue. P90 is just too wide to sit on top of the body. Any thin p90s (or maybe a low 4k wind jazzmaster style pickup might work)? Any issues drilling out a hole in the body to drop the pickup lower? Did the Gibson es-125s have a pickup that sat on top of the body or one that could be dropped lower?

  10. I just found out that this pedal has an internal boost trim pot and I dont want the pedal to be boosting the signal at all. Does turning the internal trim pot counterclockwise turn the boost down? Had to take the entire pedal apart to get at the trim pot and dont want to have to do it again if i turn the pot the wrong way. The stock setting was almost all the way counterclockwise but not completely.

  11. i did a little more research and only ones i've found are:

    Source Audio Dual Expression - Two TRS 50K outputs, "sleeve to ground, ring for power, tip for data", no power required

    Source Audio Reflex Expression - Three adjustable TRS or TS outputs via dip switches (Two are 10K, One is 50K), power required

    Mission/Pigtronix Dual Expression - Two TRS 25K outputs, "tip to wiper"


    so it looks like the Source Audio Dual Expression would be right for the moogerfoogers which require 50K TRS "tip to wiper" and the Source Audio Reflex Expression would work for the line6s which require 10k TS. wish i didnt need another power supply for the Reflex though


  12. Any recommendations for a dual expression pedal that will control 2 moogerfoogers and one that will control 2 line 6 dl4s? I'm trying to get rid of a couple of expression pedals to save some room so i'd be using 2 dual expression pedals to control 4 pedals.


    It's a little confusing trying to find one that will match.


    - It looks like the source audio one is TRS and 50k resistance which is what the moogerfoogers would need but i'm not sure about the wiper-tip connection. The moogerfooger would need wiper to tip. Has anybody tried it with moogerfooger pedals?


    - As far as the line 6 pedals they are TS and need 10k resistance...but i couldn't find anything like that. There is a mission/pigtronix dual expression that is TRS, tip to wiper, 25k resistance. Seems like this would be more range than the 10k that line6 needs but i'm more concerned about the TRS jack being able to work with the line6 since its expression pedal is usually TS.

  13. tried lots of different kinds of combinations of tubes with the same result. all tubes purchased from a reliable dealer and all are tube brands i've used in the amp previously without needing to rebias the amp...sovtek and mullard el84's. jj, nos ge, mullard 12ax7s.


    speakers are a 8ohm 40watt ceramic, 8ohm 15watt alnico


    no other recent changes

  14. my amp stopped sending the guitar signal through the speakers recently. it still turned on the way it should and i could hear a little faint noise coming through the speakers. i figured it was a tube issue so i changed all of the tubes in the amp(preamp, matched power, rectifier) twice and it sounds good and works fine when playing lightly but when i add some attack or play harder (mostly on the bass strings or if full chords are played louder) the sound starts to compress to a kind of somewhat splatty-slightly-fizzy sound like if you adjusted an internal trim pot on an overdrive/distortion pedal so that it was tuned improperly...the sound also has somewhat of a high frequency chirp in it too. any ideas what's going on?

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