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  1. Do you think this level of tilt in the saddle is a problem? There is a very subtle gap between the saddle and bridge. Also, I like the sound of FWI saddles and the only compensated one I can find is made for Martin guitars, but it seems that Martin uses a slightly thinner saddle dimension - about a difference of the thickness of a couple sheets of paper. Any recommendations?
  2. I have a crate v3112 with the stock celestion 70/80 in it...i was thinking about changing it out...possibly to a Celestion G-12M Greenback... wondering what you think? comparisions of the sounds of the a 70/80 and a greenback? any other speaker suggestions? i know the new ones come with tone tubby speakers and i was considering that too but i think it might be a little too smooth sounding...i just use the amp on the overdrive setting and use another amp for clean. what you think?
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