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  1. Legenday all-tube Fender tone in a convenient size and affordable price have made the Blues Junior one of the most widely used and emminently popular guitar amplifiers in history. Versatile controls provide sounds ranging from glassy-smooth cleans to raunchy growls. Any web search will find reams of enthusiastic information on this renown mini-powerhouse. The Blues Junior is a great choice for a guitar player looking for his or her first real-tube amp, or anyone wanting to own a genuine hallmark of classic Fender gear. Item is approximately 1 year old and offered by original owner. It has been carefully used in a clean and smoke-free home studio setting, and is in essentially new condition with zero wear of any kind. Typical retail price ~$500 plus tax and/or shipping. Asking $350
  2. Premium quality studio headphones by renown maker AKG. Sound great and uber comfortable. Very lightly used in a clean, smoke-free home studio setting. Absolutely spotless with zero wear or crud (no tobacco smell, cheap aftershave, hair goo, etc.). Includes original box, papers, etc. Typical retail $100 plus shipping (see here: http://www.zzounds.com/item--AKGK240STU ). Asking $60 shipped. Payment by USPS money order ONLY -- NO PAYPAL. Must receive payment prior to shipping. PM to inquire further.
  3. If that is a little too high price wise and you don't mind going used, maybe you should search around for the ME-50 instead (you should be able to get one for less that $200 easily). I would think one of the main draws to these units is that they have the controls layed out more like regular pedals and will be easier for a n00b to learn how to use. I'll scope out both the ME-50 and 70 -- thanks.
  4. What's your budget? The Boss ME-70 would be a much better choice than the V-amp if you are just wanting an all-in-one effects unit...IIRC, they go for about $300. Thanks for the steer. That's about 3X what the Behringer unit goes for, which for me is getting up there, but I don't want to waste my bread on crud either. Main thing is: what is quality, but also stays with the basics? Don't need to pay for stuff I'll never use (much less understand).
  5. Most of my playing has generally used little to no effects. Some tunes have a fairly cranked OD, a Cry Baby wah is used more rarely, and a little reverb is usually there whether playing clean or dirty. Not much else so far though. I've been watching some vids demonstrating various effects (such as here: http://www.ehow.com/video_2378427_chorus-effects-electric-guitar.html ), and am thinking this would be something new and fun to mess around with. Just the basic stuff though: chorus, phasing, flanging, delay, etc. Nothing too exotic. But what's the best approach? The guy in these videos uses a Behringer V Amp in some of the clips, and a chain of boxes in others. I'd rather not get into swapping around a slew of different boxes -- would be too much work and confusion, and I would just end up dropping the effort. Something like the V Amp would be a lot more simple and easy. So, a couple of questions seem to arise: (1) Is the Behringer V Amp still considered a good choice, or are there better but similar stand-alone hardware-type units available now? I realize there is probably a slew of choices here, but again would want something with just the basic effects, and hopefully not for an arm-and-a-leg. (2) Alternatively, would some kind of software be more approriate than a hardware unit? I currently record in ProTools through an Mbox, and do a lot of midi as well as audio, so working in a computer environment isn't alien to me. One advantage I see to a hardware unit is portability. I play a lot in my home studio, but also like to "play out" on a more limited basis. If I end up adopting some of these effects as part of "my sound", I'd obviously would want to be able to bring them along with me anywhere. Thanks for any advice.
  6. trade for a tele? From the ad: "For face-to-face purchase in central VA only (willing to meet within ~1 hour drive of Richmond). Cash only, NO TRADES please."
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