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  1. Very sorry Woody. I know you gave her a great life and loved her dearly.
  2. A day without Amphetamines is like a day without sunshine...
  3. John Mayer studied at Berklee where did Stevie go?
  4. Why dont you guys try reading my posts before you comment? I said I dont have a problem with relics at all. What pissed me off is the way he acts like he didnt want a relic, he just wanted it to have that way for the tone. Reading comprehension. . . try it. Yeah that does not look like a tone scuff job that was skuff'd to look cool... But can't rag on a bluesman thats has suffered soooo much...Why Georgia? Why?
  5. Steve Marriott just stopped rolling in his grave...
  6. yeah cause record companies never pay for that stuff Steve Marriott just stopped rolling in his grave...
  7. Taylor let guys fook her so she can fook em back in a song... It's where she gets her inspiration... If she were here she would be the only Bluesman on HCEG... She gots the blues from having a premature relic'd Hoo Hoo!
  8. Best guitar I ever played was at a GC it was laying there already hooked up to this effects tree. I was messing with the effects trying them out and in between switching them it suddenly struck me. Damn! This guitar has one of the finest clean sounds I ever heard and played as smooth as butter so I looked down to see that it was a black American Strat with maple neck. Should of bought it as it was most likely my signature instrument but it just looked too new still, it needed much more relicing, so I left it there for the Lil fella to earn it's way back to me one day... But that is the story of my Black One! Everybody has their own I guess but when the lights fade down, and the song starts to fade, and you look back at what happened, you come to realize it's always a black one that just got away... True blues story here in the naked city...
  9. That {censored} in The Cavern makes The Sex Pistols Sound like a Symphony...
  10. What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?
  11. I ordered a Chinese wife. Had to send her to a plastic surgeon to get her up to US spec, but now, apart from the accent, no one ever suspects she's a fake. I'll never divorce her; I wouldn't want to pass on fraudulent goods, ya know. Only cost me 500 bucks, too! Been hedging on that myself... But still holding put for a Domestic Blue Hair Sugar Momma to take care of me...
  12. Still waiting for the virtual sex machine myself. It will render all spouses obsolete...
  13. Originally Posted by AnneP I'm a big Yamaha fan. My guitar of choice is the SF1000 Superflighter. I have 2 - the Blonde natural and the Oil Stain. Both are 1978's. The Blonde is in player condition and I bought it a couple of years after the Oil Stain that came to me from a dear friend who died. As well, the Oil Stain is near mint so it doesn't leave the house. 1978 SF1000 Superflighter Oil Stain ' alt='>'> !978 SF1000 Superflighter Blonde ' alt='>'> !978 SF1000 Superflighter Blonde (Hi Rez detail) ' alt='>'> Yamaha's forgotten guitar. Referred to as the "Les Paul Killer" when it came out. It seems Carlos Santana started on this model before gravitating to the newer SG2000 that Yamaha wanted him to promote. 24 frets, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, twin humbuckers, coil split, gold hardware, contour body. If you ever have the chance to pick one up, do so without hesitation. Without fail, every time I start playing one, it takes only a minute before I think to myself, "This is a {censored}ing nice guitar." Beautiful!
  14. Originally Posted by Yarbicus Have you guys seen this yet? Best vid of the new amp yet! I am so tempted to special order one of these. Would have liked to hear a acoustic and Bass demo on this.
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