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  1. I just ordered a BYOC Chancellor. I had an original Marshall Guv'nor years ago and should never have sold it.
  2. ISP decimator G-string noise reduction pedal, its the latest decimator. Asking $150 shipped to USA.
  3. Asking $275 plus shipping. These cases usually go for $450 new. I only used this case a few times and am no longer gigging. This case is in like new condition. This is a really solid ATA case for an 88key keyboard. I have hauled both a Kurzweil PC2X and Yamaha S90 and both fit great. Please PM for shipping costs. I am in Western Michigan, about 2 hours from Chicago, 3.5 hours from Detroit. http://store.roadreadycases.com/dyn_prod.php?p=RRKB88W&k=154216
  4. Line 6 Verbzilla Reverb pedal. Comes with original box, manual, and Line6 power supply. Verbzilla works and sounds great, I have just switched to a single knob reverb pedal, so I don't need this one. SOLD
  5. Rio Grande BBQ is still available, rest are sold.
  6. SOLD.. This is a '95 Gibson Les Paul Studio with Rosewood board. Here is what I have changed/upgraded. - Changed tuners to schallers in grover style. Stock tuners are included - Change pots to 500k CTS with orange sprague caps. Stock pots and caps are included - Change strap pegs to schallers, stock strap pegs are included - Will include black gibson logo strap - Hardshell case is included. - Pickups are stock 490R in neck and 498T in bridge - Neck profile is 50's style This is a great playing guitar. The tone of this guitar on the neck pickup is outstanding. Guitar is in great shape overall. There are the usual scratches you find on a black Gibson guitar. Only selling to fund a bass.
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