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  1. bump before the bay. go to talkbass.com if you want the safety of my feedback...or just wait for ebay, where it may cost more.
  2. Selling for $450 FIRM plus shipping. Just had the upgrade to 2 ohm capability with increased wattage by Genzler himself Can throw in the bag for $15 if you buy the amp. I have pictures on talkbass, and can also send you some higher res ones too. Thanks for looking
  3. how bout a trade for two $20 bills and many hours of time saved advertising
  4. 200 and 130 respectively. email me for pics. or hit me up at the talkbass forums (Memphaustralian)
  5. i could do the shipping thing. feel free to give me a call... or email...will pm you my details
  6. if you could would take a tu-2 plus $25 to Memphis, I will do the deal. If you're not interested, no problem. I may even be in nashvegas in the next month or so, with cash if you dont want to swing this deal and if the dtr is still around. Good luck with the sale, either way.
  7. if there is nothing wrong at all with the monster i will take the right angle one thanks
  8. r the monsters right angles or straight?
  9. how much you looking for for this stuff? i am in memphis, but may head up kindof your way for a ski in st louis some time soon.
  10. here is my original add with pics http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399475 thanks
  11. It is THE most beautiful bass I have ever seen, but really I dont use that C string much at all. I have put it up on talkbass and dropped it down to $1250 to get a quick sale before I go to ebay in ~24 hours. Description and more pics to come soon
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