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  1. not sayin much about the PBs specs but focusing on trying to get someone to pay you for illegal SW copies that will ne no good REAL quick, and logic simply follows that if your a criminal about one thing.....
  2. purchased a month ago full retail version with rig control new in the box with EVERY thing as it came manuals, discs all in perfect condition all original packing, box, docs etc the sound card in rig control is great it has a very clear punchy output exc AD/DAs i tried it w/ mics and other sources live guitar sounds where better than thru my motu system got a plug in version instead here's a deal for you on the whole package
  3. try a dif bass or dif pickups, in particular try a bass with a bridge pickup, with active pickups, if your lacking definition thats the first place i'd look, the 1 4ohm vs 2 8 ohm cabs shouldn't make a dif tho you may want to try using dif cabs and in particular more efficient ones, some folks have complained about the neo's i don't have enough time on them to say
  4. swap/sale list all prices and terms negotiable offers welcome, pics , info avail Hartke 410XL exc condition 325 Hartke 115XL like new 250 pair 500 Ibanez SRX-505 5 string fretted bass w/ 2 active EMG 45 soapbar pu's carvin preamp/EQ 250 flat black funky finish rock solid 3 piece maple neck great rock solid bass great tone Hohner jack bruce steinberger licensed 5 string fretless bass EMG passive J pu's EMG NBT preamp 500 lined fretless funky finish killer muwaah can sing or growl extremely well balanced body great ergo bass Guild F-45 @ 92 USA made semi thin body 24 fret gigging players acoustic very sweet acoustic well played many gigs and shows it a really unique guitar 700 Apple mac G5 2x2 tower well equipped music computer ask for info $1400 bartolini 5 string J bass pair exc cond orig box 120 Bartolini EUB or upright bass pickup quad elements 175 RARE Seymour Duncan EUB or upright bass pickup Quad elements 150 RARE Gibson stock les paul pickup 70s 75 Evans HB sized dual/single switchable pickup pair white amazing tone 150 ADA TFX-4 w/ controller rack analog efx flange/chorus/doubler/delay vintage collectible in RARE condition with rare foot controller 450 ADA TFX-4 w/ controller rack analog efx flange/chorus/doubler/delay vintage collectible in well used condition with rare foot controller 350 full retail SW new in orig box legal licenses Cubase SX3 350 steinberg Groove Agent 2 150 NI Guitar Rig 2 w/ rig control 300 Evolution UC-33e U control DAW controller new in box $100 Groove Tubes GT-66 tube condenser mic in new condition w/ orig box, docs etc incls shock mount, power supply, custom HD cable, form fitted case 350 fender electret clip on mic for acoustic instruments 100 Roland PC200 MkII midi keyboard controller 40 Fatar SL-880 hammer action controller fantastic action! finish/cosmetic issues 200 Crest CKS-400 power amp exc cond clean power 350 OEM emminence yamaha 70 wt 12s NOS in good spkr shp boxes 75 /pair wilkinson vibrato/trem bridge gold new unused 60 w/ new gold roller nut 85 new floyd R4 (1 11/16) locking nut, UN used 20 AV Marantz DVP 870 digital 6 chan surround processor 100 Marantz AV600 receiver preamp, 5.1 surround processor, tuner 125 WITH remote - integrates very well w/ active studio mons for surround 79 Ibanez GB10 george benson archtop w/ RMC piezo 13 pin system ask for details $2000 large workstation for DAW, AV or other - tubular construction (like drum racks, key stands etc) very adaptable multi desktops pickup only ask for info 150 G5 serial port by Gthree.com replaces modem port $35 always looking for headless/steinberger parts and sometimes selling ask roland RD1000 w/ issues huge keybo not for the light hearted.... MIDI bass pedals available ASK
  5. i'm interested in any guitars acoustic or electric (nylons too) that meet these 2 criteria; 24 3/4" scale length (distance from nut to saddle) 1 3/4 nut width some variance ok especially on the nut width but 1 11/16 to 2" is the zone will consider ANY guitar that meets these 2 criteria (not just one)
  6. yeah its a wierd request: i'm interested in any guitars acoustic or electric (nylons too) that meet these 2 criteria; 24 3/4" scale length (distance from nut to saddle) 1 3/4 nut width some variance ok especially on the nut width but 1 11/16 to 2" is the zone will consider ANY guitar that meets these 2 criteria (not just one)
  7. i have this PRO bass rig available local/regional sale preferred email for pics etc killer rig
  8. here are some deals for anyone who needs PRO music software full retail versions including legal transfers full package original boxes with ALL material, docs, discs, bundled ANYthing i may be open to offers on combined purchase or something but check what this stuff sells for first and be aware of just what a deal i'm offering, don't need to pay rent or buy crack i bought this SW to demo but i have decided to continue using logic so i'm willing to give someone some real saving, hurry this is an opportunity and they go on ebay at the end of THIS week reason for selling, these where bought to demo but i'm a logic user and have decided to stay with that this is all for real top shelf tools and a real deal steinbergs Cubase SX 3 (not SE the top level PRO DAW) cross grade vers i will inlcude logic docs cheap upgrade path to cubase 4 when ready cubase 3 rocks and is still heavily used by power users everything like new in orig box WITH dongle $350 current cubase 4 full retail version is $799 at zzounds upgrade to 4 from 3 thru steinberg online is $199 start with 3 and save $250 on going to 4 I will throw in a Cubase 3 tutorial on DVD for FREE!!! steinberg Groove Agent 2 this is a really great drum machine style drum programer really easy to use and get both very usable and sometimes very unique patterns no dongle included it can share any other steinberg dongle (like cubase) everything like new in orig box 150 (current ver $299 - upgrade for 89) with cubase SX3 for $100 both for $450 Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 this freakin rocks! the looper in the new versiion makes this an amazing tool! this is very recently purchased full version WITH the rig control foot pedal and audio interface, the sound quality coming out of the rig control is stellar give you a very punchy output that works well for guitar sounds the efx are amazing including a filter from the prophet 5 new in the box with everything for $300 looking for tascam 1082, mac laptop, imac, mac studio items, mics, pres, gtr pre's
  9. hey tim, i have a boss TU-50 tuner and a bunch of other stuff. despite my usual anti behringer bent ;-) i'd like to try an FCB could maybe use the speaks too steve
  10. really sweet analog sound - amazing vintage bang for $ 4 all analog effects - flanger - chorus - doubler - delay in a single rack space, the pedal version of the flanger alone goes for 300+ and analog delays and doublers draw hi $s so the TFX-4 is a really good bargain if your into analog effects flanger - same as the famous pedal, its fantastic! chorus - simple 2 control, very lush, a real classic, gets used alot doubler - very very cool, w seperate wet/dry outs you can get the jaco sound for bass, also exc for lead gtr and adding space w/o effect to anything delay/echo - a really great analog delay, delay time, mix and repeat controls very warm but clean, sound as good as any stand alone analog delay i have 2 TFX-4s available one is mint, definitely for collecters if interested or those who like thier gear really clean, all the orig multi colored knobs INTACT #2 is a bit older but is missing many of the knob caps from the cool multi colored knobs, all knobs and such work its a perfect and killer sounding unit but it looks a bit older and many knob caps have been lost both work and sound fantastic both come with the original ADA 5 button foot controllers both are clean inside and out, pro serviced and in EXC condition prices of 300 and 440 pics avail
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