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  1. For the moment I use a Martin MMV (essentially a poor man's D28), but I'm about to sell it to upgrade to a D18, so I'll be switching from rosewood to mahogany. I like the 2 mic options because it gives me the option to separately or at the same time, or separately in stereo. I've heard great things about the SM81 and it's more expensive than the NT5 so that would reduce the vocal mic budget. The track would just be guitar + vocals. I'm going for a singer/songwriter dry type sound e.g. Tallest Man on Earth, Joe Purdy, Iron and Wine etc, Nick Drake etc. My vocal range is baritone. I can do the soft voice thing but get pretty powerful when I go up within my range. This afternoon I came across 2 other other mics I wasn't familiar with: The Lauten LA-320 and Avantone CV-12. Even more food for thought. An external mic preamp would be down the line.
  2. Didn't get much feedback at Gearslutz, so I'll try my luck here. I am putting together a basic homestudio to record acoustic guitar + vocals (think Tallest Man on Earth, Joe Purdy or Iron and Wine...) primarily for demos and remote collaborations. I am a baritone with a fairly powerful voice (in the pop sense). Budget would be in the ~$700 range. DAW is Logic Pro with MOTU M2 audio interface. I already own a SM57 but am looking for something of higher quality . I am not sure if I should be splitting the budget between 2 mic (one for vocals and another for guitar) or buy the best large diaphragm condenser mic $700 can get me. I was originally thinking 2 mics. I was set on a Rode NT5 for guitar, but after listening/reading a lot of reviews, for vocals I was torn between AT4040, AKG P420 and AKG C214. What do you guys think? If I go with the one mic option, the ones I'm considering would be the Warm Audio WA87 or the TLM102. Looking for guidance there as well.Thanks in advance.
  3. I play acoustic and what is now known as space rock. The DD-6 is a good buy looking a delay faithful to the original signal. Those looking for a warm, organic sound, will have to look elsewhere. I've been playing for a quite a few years now. My board consists of: Ernie Ball Volume, MXR 6 band eq, Voodoo Lab Tremolo, Ibanez TS-9, Boss SD-1, Proco Turbo Rat, Akai Headrush, Boss DD-6, Line 6 DL-4 and Boss AD-3. Soon to come are the Electro Harmonix Holier Grail, Small Stone and the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus. The DD-6 compliments my other delays rather well. Even though I don't own an analog unit, my Akai Headrush offers a high-end roll-off feature that is good enough for me. I also use a Line 6 delay 4 for loops and modulated delays. I'm not sure that I would buy it again if I'd ever lose it. If Boss introduced a warmer sounding unit (i.e lower sampling rate) I think they would market it differently and surely wouldn't make it a part of the DD family. The DD-6 takes over where the DD-5 left off. Digital land. A high-end roll-off would have made it a killer pedal instead of that warp stuff that really hasn't convinced me so far. Too bad.
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