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  1. Didn't read this whole thread, but I'm actually (almost can't believe I'm saying this) going to come to the defense of "We Built This City".


    For decades I have hated this song. Not long ago I, too, would have picked it as "worst song of all time". Primarily for these reasons:


    1) Pretty much defines the worst era of a once great band that did the huge sell-out thing in the 80s. Heart and Chicago and a few others were guilty of this too.


    2) "We Built This City On Rock and Roll" is (at least on the face of it) one of the worst lyrics of all time by one of the greatest lyricists of all-time, Bernie Taupin.


    3) It was a HUGE hit, which always makes a bad song seem even worse.


    But the truth is it is also I song I never really actually LISTENED too. Just one of those ubiquitous hits I couldn't turn the dial away from fast enough. Again---that TERRIBLE hook! (which gets repeated WAY too many times!) But it came on the radio a few months back and I actually, for the first time, really listened to it. And I found there's actually some really good things about it.


    First of all, those terrible lyrics? Are actually pretty good. Get past the horrible hook, and it's a song about the decline of live music in the LA music scene. There's also some nice musical ideas going on and the production and arrangement is (by 80s standards, anyway) more than solid.


    A GREAT track? Nah. But far from the worst thing ever to hit #1.


    And with that I'm pretty sure you have The Most Contrary Forumite Award safely cinched up. :lol::p

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    No no. No. It is NOT you getting older....


    I got into music in 1994. I knew of all the grunge from my sister, and at that time, it ruled MTV, along with lots of other rock. Remember Headbangers Ball? On San Diego radio, all the hair metal s##t from the previous decade was verboten. Rock and the rising power of rap were dominating. Oh, and country was still main-stream popular on the charts. Repetitive pop was hard to find. It was as though it had been defeated! Or so it seemed to a 11-year-old.


    Then a few years later, suddenly these motherf***ers from the Mickey Mouse Club showed up in (preteen) sexy videos on MTV. I was so friggin confused!! Why the hell is this crap getting any attention?


    I think I know who to blame for the fall of MTV and the re-rise of boring, repetitive, heard-it-before pop... Total Request Live with Carson Daly. Kids calling in and requesting juvenile music.


    Well, I have no idea if Total Request Live was really a big mover in bringing such pop music back to the fore, but still, it came... And then everything spread out onto the internet and small labels... Indie rock.


    Now the only crappers who can get those big-label contracts are the ones who cater to young listeners.


    I was in a very sad and lonely mood last Sunday after some of my dearest friends moved away. They were musician friends. To try to find some solace and connection to the world, I watched the MTV awards. Some of the comedy was good, and it was interesting to get a look at what the kids are into. I found it funny that Kanye West spoke the first sentence of a Nedezero post (and then Kanye ceased to make sense). I could appreciate a lot of the music--at least half of it was Rihanna... though her voice musta been broken or something, or else she literally survives on autotune. It seemed more like she happened to be sick, not a bad singer..


    Anyway, the point of all that is: There were ZERO rock bands at the MTV awards. There were guitars and drums in backing bands, but none of the music performed or nominated was rock. Zero. Nadda. So it is not just you. Not just me. Things have really changed in the mainstream....


    The good(ish) news is that lots more really really good bands can get contracts and exposure now thanks to the Internet. The bad news (especially for a guy like me who fell out of that rat race couple years ago) is that it is harder and harder to make a living off of it. You might get exposure with a record contract, but you'll only make money for yourself if you bring in huge crowds on tour. .... And you'll never be on MTV except maybe in a backing track. I'm hoping they play some World of Jenks reruns so I can get my 50 cents in royalties this year!!


    I want my. I want my MTV (back)


    I probably got about a decade on you. Lolz, man I loooooathe mtv! Although I have to say I did enjoy it in the days of headbanger's ball and yo mtv raps! Those were the two genres I pretty much grew up on. Definitely did not appreciate it when a bunch of floggers in dirty sweaters decided guitar didn't matter anymore! :mad2:The cusp definitely produced some interesting stuff though, Rage and Jane's Addiction. Even the great rap of the '80s like Run DMC and EPMD started to get replaced by stuff like "Rump Shaker".... ooh that actually belong in this thread!


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    arcadesonfire commented

    09-08-2016, 09:11 AM



    To see such vehement hatred of REM on page 1, I'm figuring the haters were just a generation ahead of me. Basing this completely on the anecdotal evidence of my own musical experience, I found that the groups I liked least were the ones that came out between 5 and 10 years after I had developed/established my own personal taste; a few years after establishing that, I hated new bands that clashed with it. Then I calmed down a bit, and lots of those bands that I hated (take No Doubt for example), I can go back and recognize many fine qualities in them. Umm, I still haven't found any fine qualities in Nickelback though.


    They're just so whiney! I will say there seem to be a surprising amount of people with otherwise good taste in music that like them though. Your post kinda made me think of this for some reason.



  4. I just read an article about an old Starship song being "the worst song ever. "




    I don't exactly consider it to be a great song, but I think I can think of a worse hit song... can you?




    I'll start:



    Men Without Hats (or brains...)


    Safety Dance.




    (You can post the video to go along with your selection if you wish, but I'm going to refrain this time. If I posted the video, I'd have to ban myself. ;):lol: )


    Hehe, I think the Starship song gets extra suck points because each incarnation of that band seemed to go further and further downhill until they ended up there. For my money though, I'll still say anything by REM. Also that insipid Joan Osbourne song that displays a surprising ignorance of the premise of a major world religion.


    I'll totally rock some Safety Dance though anytime! I can dance if I wanooooo!


    I heard some J. Geils in a bar the other night and when the song ended I still hear in my head the first few notes of the next song from back in the days before I could get to the tape deck and rewind it to back to the good stuff. :lol:

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    All I can say is YES!!!!! That's some of the best playing I've heard from you all around!!! Just KILLER.


    And you got the after-solo part right, starting from the ascending licks... ya b@stard! I just winged, haha :)


    The 6/8 part is just freakin' INSANE.


    Lolz, thanks man! :)


    My band does this song as an encore a lot so I know the ascending lick pretty well. Although I never did bother to figure out the dimished-y lick after that. I usually just turn my volume down and move my fingers while whistling inconspicuously. I think the closest I've gotten it was on that take. :lol:


    I used to enjoy embarrassing "shredder" guitarists in the 80s... but of course back then my technique was fresh off 9 years of intensive study... and now, not so much :lol:


    Hehe, and almost to the minute that I got my chops up to "shred" level, everyone started listening to stupid Kurt Cobain! :mad2::mad2::mad2:


    Anyway, here's mine. First take, but I did a a do-over on the keyboard solo part. The first one wasn't pretty!


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  7. With Halloween nearly upon us, what backing track could be more appropriate than Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein"?!?!?


    Without further ado...


    Frankenstein backing: https://app.box.com/s/4df4fuvrno6s3e2qo11nujabd76lxgkq


    And here's my take.... I completely winged it, having the song burned into my brain since an early age, but I did have to punch in once half-way through, having completely botched a landing :lol:


    Red Ant: https://app.box.com/s/q0mooognxi4bh7imrr1dfb718fzvalyr


    Ha! That brought a huge smile to my face. Love how that first solo gets going after you lay into the wang wheel! Great outside stuff at 1:17!! And where the keyboard solo goes to the end was over-the-top wanky awesomeness!!! :thu::D

  8. https://soundcloud.com/ken-denny-169068854/aint-that-a-jam-hc-jam

    I never quite figured out exactly what chords I should be playing on the walk-down section I finally settled on Eb Dm7 Cm7 F


    Nice stuff! :)


    I just thought of the walkdown as all major triads descending chromatically from Ab to F, which is basically the same as what Anton said because F-7 is just an Ab triad with an F bass note.


    You're hitting the IV chord nicely and the turnaround is cool, but I'd love to hear a more minor sound on the I chord.

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