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  1. Yeah, probably Bruce Springsteen. Just does nothing for me. Years ago I would have said the Beatles, but just the sheer breadth of their material means there's stuff in there for just about everyone. Love me some "I Am the Walrus." Love me some "Peace Frog" too. No hate for The Doors.
  2. Well at that point it was more like idol worship than the borg dissection thing, so I probably don't have much, if any, of his style. But I was kind of obsessed with Yes! And I can still play a decent "Mood for a Day." Right about the time they replaced Howe with Rabin was my guitar infancy. It was very confusing!
  3. Playing major pentatonic scales, even with distortion, is still not metal!
  4. Let's see... somewhat in chronological order Ry Cooder Steve Howe Jimmy Page Eddie Steve Vai George Lynch Warren DiMartini Nuno Bettencourt A gang of various funk guys, many of whom I came to by way of rap samples Scofield Scott Henderson Guthrie Govan YJM (kind of a late comer, but I do covet his vibrato and tone... and the bionic fingers )
  5. And with that I'm pretty sure you have The Most Contrary Forumite Award safely cinched up.
  6. Heh, well I do actually really like the song "In Bloom," which I think is a pretty good example of what you're talking about.
  7. I probably got about a decade on you. Lolz, man I loooooathe mtv! Although I have to say I did enjoy it in the days of headbanger's ball and yo mtv raps! Those were the two genres I pretty much grew up on. Definitely did not appreciate it when a bunch of floggers in dirty sweaters decided guitar didn't matter anymore! :mad2:The cusp definitely produced some interesting stuff though, Rage and Jane's Addiction. Even the great rap of the '80s like Run DMC and EPMD started to get replaced by stuff like "Rump Shaker".... ooh that actually belong in this thread!
  8. 1 comment #50.1 arcadesonfire commented 09-08-2016, 09:11 AM To see such vehement hatred of REM on page 1, I'm figuring the haters were just a generation ahead of me. Basing this completely on the anecdotal evidence of my own musical experience, I found that the groups I liked least were the ones that came out between 5 and 10 years after I had developed/established my own personal taste; a few years after establishing that, I hated new bands that clashed with it. Then I calmed down a bit, and lots of those bands that I hated (take No Doubt for example), I can go back and recognize many fine qualities in them. Umm, I still haven't found any fine qualities in Nickelback though. They're just so whiney! I will say there seem to be a surprising amount of people with otherwise good taste in music that like them though. Your post kinda made me think of this for some reason.
  9. I think she'd make an exception in my case. I know all the chords to "I Love Rock and Roll"!
  10. And on 78 speed! [video=youtube;4sL2yLc0Ehs]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sL2yLc0Ehs
  11. This tune? They had that on the last season of Fargo. Kinda like it.
  12. Hehe, that was one of those tunes that would come on when you weren't paying enough attention to the tape deck. Hey that's not Heartbreaker!
  13. It does. Still would though. And "I Love Rock and Roll" covers a multitude of sins!
  14. Hehe, I was surprised I beat you to it. They're like some kind of other worldly anti-funk.
  15. Hehe, I think the Starship song gets extra suck points because each incarnation of that band seemed to go further and further downhill until they ended up there. For my money though, I'll still say anything by REM. Also that insipid Joan Osbourne song that displays a surprising ignorance of the premise of a major world religion. I'll totally rock some Safety Dance though anytime! I can dance if I wanooooo! I heard some J. Geils in a bar the other night and when the song ended I still hear in my head the first few notes of the next song from back in the days before I could get to the tape deck and rewind it to back to the good stuff.
  16. Lolz, thanks man! My band does this song as an encore a lot so I know the ascending lick pretty well. Although I never did bother to figure out the dimished-y lick after that. I usually just turn my volume down and move my fingers while whistling inconspicuously. I think the closest I've gotten it was on that take.
  17. Hehe, and almost to the minute that I got my chops up to "shred" level, everyone started listening to stupid Kurt Cobain! :mad2: Anyway, here's mine. First take, but I did a a do-over on the keyboard solo part. The first one wasn't pretty!
  18. Ha! That brought a huge smile to my face. Love how that first solo gets going after you lay into the wang wheel! Great outside stuff at 1:17!! And where the keyboard solo goes to the end was over-the-top wanky awesomeness!!!
  19. Lol, mostly clams, particularly the one at 0:42. (I assume you mean bvi's)
  20. Nice stuff! I just thought of the walkdown as all major triads descending chromatically from Ab to F, which is basically the same as what Anton said because F-7 is just an Ab triad with an F bass note. You're hitting the IV chord nicely and the turnaround is cool, but I'd love to hear a more minor sound on the I chord.
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