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  1. Greetings folks... Here's your chance to own a rare vintage James Demeter 3-channel switching TGP-3 tube preamp. The same one used by Dean Deleo from STP and others. A bit of rack rash, but in excellent working condition and absolutely amazing tonal variations! Everything from warm shimmering cleans to one of the quietest yet amazingly harmonic and complex lead channels and tones on the planet. Awesome stereo FX loop also. Comes with original footswitch and cable. Not many people have had the opportunity to own one of these, but those who have, love them: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Effects/product/Demeter/TGP-3/10/1 The only reason I'm trading it is because I already own two of James' TGA-3's, and want out of all my rack setups. Some pieces that I would consider trading towards (+cash on my end where required) include: * Komet Concorde head (REALLY want one of these) * Vintage 60's Marshall Plexi head with the mojo * /13 RSA 23 head and cab * Other EL34 amps along those lines. What ya got? Had a ton of requests for outright sale, so after giving it some thought, I'm now posting a price as well. $1850.00 + shipping + 3% for Paypal (if applicable). Cheers! Some pics:
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