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    I actually have a regular Champ as well so I've been thinking I need them in stereo - my other one is needing some new caps or something but still sounds pretty good - just has some extra background noise when you crank it .


    Well get an A/B pedal and record something because thinking about two Champs running at once makes me hard!
  2. Tanks for the open armed reception guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
    Yer profile indicates that you are still in the Bay Area. poke.gifwink.gif
    Yeah so I just came back today and have not had a chance to change that. I'll do it now!
  3. Hi guess I was curious what various apps you all use for guitar and other instruments? So far I'm only using the Gibson app that has a tuner, metronome, recorder, and chord chart. I was thinking about buying iRig, but not sure if I want all that stuff going on such a small iphone screen. I may want to get an iPad mini for something like that.

    Anyways, what do you use and which ones are your favorites?

  4. It feels good to be back. I have not been on this forum for a few months now. I started interviewing for a job back in October and I spent the first week of December moving my entire life.

    I moved from the SF Bay area to start a new job that I got in downtown Los Angeles. Now I'm settled into my new apartment, got through the first two weeks of work, and I feel good. I can now get myself back to all the fun stuff in my life.

    Glad to be back!

  5. Honestly 5 watts is way too much for an apartment. So is 2 watts. In fact, 1 watt is overkill for an apartment. I have the Blackstar HT1 head running into a 1x12 cabinet. It's loud as sh*t for apartment use. I run an attenuator on the amp and I still have attenuate most of the volume away. It's really crazy.

  6. Just based on this video, your answer is the Suhr,


    Other than the Suhr humbucker I thought the Strat sounded much better. The single coils on the Suhr were way too dark while Strat single coils were punchier. I will admit the Suhr humbucker was nice though, but for overall tone, I thought the Strat was the better sounding.


    The truth I think that most of us like to avoid, is that in a blind test, no one would be able to tell the difference between the Suhr, the Fender, or a Squier with some upgraded pickups. So in the end, it just comes down to how it plays in your hands.

  7. Not sure about that, but the Les Paul studio Faded i recently bought came with BB's and I could'nt stand them
    (Harsh, trebly, grating, slightly muddy)

    Had a 498T instaled same as my other LP and like much better.


    Gary Moore came with BB3 the Studio faded models come with Burst Bucker Pros.


    Gibson makes Burst Bucker 1, Burst Bucker 2, Burst Bucker 3, and Burst Bucker Pros. I like the BB Pros in my LP. I think they sound great and have no intentions of replacing the pickups right now.

  8. Question about the Burstbuckers: My Gary Moore sig LP was made in 2000 and it was apparantly the model that introduced the burstbuckers. Now that guitar has been modded with 57 classics. I have the original BB's. How would those originals compare to the current BB's?


    I believe the Gary came with a BB3 pickup which is supposed to be a more "modern" alnico v pickup versus the 57 classic traditional output fromt he alnico II pickups. the BB3 should be hotter, but I'm not very good with the technicals of alnico v versus alnico II. I like both and to be honest, as long as a humbucker is not too overwound they can all do good cleans and good dirty tones with plenty of versatility.

  9. Anything OEM. I notice players remove good pickups out of guitars for no good reason. They don't give the OEM pickups a chance and just replace them with other standard pickups.


    Fender Texas Specials

    Fender Standard Strat SSS

    Fender Noiseless

    Yes, even Tex Mex are goods


    Gibson Burst Bucker Pros

    Gibson BB1, BB2, BB3

    I love the 490R and 498T too.


    Guys buy guitars and rip out the pickups for no reason of the time. I see a lot of guys changing pickups on a PRS. Why spend the money on a PRS if you don't like the sound to begin with?


    So like I said, anything OEM is underrated by guitar players.

  10. I've seen the faded models sell new for $700 and that is without the hardshell case. $500 sounds like a great deal to me. The faded models are solid mohogany. Wine red to me suggest a maple cap. I haven't seen one priced new below $1100.


    The Studio faded models have a maple cap on them. I'm reading the description on Gibson's website and looking at my guitar right now haha.


    $500 is a great deal for a studio with a finish one it.

  11. Man, I have devoted the last couple of weeks exclusively to my Les Paul and finally got used to the 50s style neck. I played a Strat my whole life with the modern C shaped neck and that was the only thing I knew. Whenever I played the thicker 50s style Gibson necks I never really liked them (of course I just was not used to them).


    Now that I have been playing the Les Paul and have been switching back and forth between the Strat I have noticed a couple of things. Once you're used to it, the neck does not feel so thick anymore and the Strat feels really thin. I also noticed that my hand starts to get tired more and hurt when I play the Strat neck for prolonged periods of time. With the Gibson neck my hand gets tired, but it no longer hurts when I play for long periods of time.


    I have come to realize I LOVE the Gibson 50s style neck. Anyone else have similar experiences with them or what? What do you guys think of the 50s style neck? Love em? Hate em?


    Just trying to start a general discussion so lets hear your thoughts!

  12. At $200, the TRH5 is what I guess would work for your purpose. I had both the 5 and 10 and the 5 sounds just as good. You'll love the small size!


    Didn't have a chance to head over to guitar center today but should be there tomorrow. Thanks for all the input guys! After being realistic, looking at the various options, and realizing I don't want to spend too much just for jamming at night I narrowed everything down to two options.


    1. THR5 and I think $200 is the absolute most I'm willing to spend in order to "noodle" around at night.

    2. Vox ToneLab Desktop from a few years ago.


    Thanks for all the input guys!

  13. Buy an overdrive pedal and learn how to use the amp's volume knob. You can play near silently with almost any amp.

    You crank a 1 watt amp through a 12" speaker, and yes, it will be "loud". (my lil smokey 1/2 watt 9V battery amp isn't very loud through the 2" speaker, but plug it into a 4x12 and it will shake the walls.) (Hehehe, I said "but plug"...)


    Well that sort of defeats the purpose of tube saturation... I already have the attenuator and like I said, the attenuator keeps the amp at good volume for day practicing and weekend jamming. I'm just looking for something to play at night when I'm sure the neighbor is trying to sleep.


    The more I look into this, the more I am coming to realize that amp makers still do not cater towards late night playing. Other than the THR there is not really anything else out there. The Line 6 stuff is on the floor which makes it a pain to keep bending over to tweak a setting and the Line6 HD bean device is like $400 plus foot controller!!!! I'm not paying that much just to practice at night. My original goal was to find something cheap that sounded good and connect my Boss ME50 for effects and jamming. That is why I thought of the THR5 right of the back.


    I'll probably head to guitar center later today or tomorrow to go play the THR and scope it out. I recently came across the older Vox ToneLab desktop from a few years ago. That looks like it might work too.

  14. THR or


    eleven rack

    axe fx2

    into studio monitors is the only thing that will work


    Have been looking at the POD HD300 over the last 24 hours. Seems very interesting... I just don't like the idea of having all my amp controls on the floor when I'm trying to just jam. It's makes changing settings annoying as opposed to being "chair" height.


    I think I'll go to guitar center and check them both out this weekend. I used to have a Line 6 Flextone II and a PocketPOD and Line6 has never let me down before.

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