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  1. I've been playing on my Tweed Deluxe clone while this AC4 is down. Thank goodness for Carl's Custom Guitar's speaker soak, or I'd be deaf by now. What the use of playing a tube amp if you can't drive the power tubes, right?
  2. found something. I googled GL6202 tube basing diagram, and, EZ80 basing diagram. Turns out the EZ80 is a nine pin tube and the 6202 is a 7 pin tube. So that was easy. But the 6202 shows no connection at pin 2 and 5. My 7 pin socket has connections at pins 2,3 and 4 only. Pin 3 and 4 supply the heater, so pin 2 must have and internal connection to Plates? Still confused here. I'll keep digging.
  3. Ok, I just checked the 'properties' on the dialog box for the first pic, and the pic is from 2014, so that 6202 is the tube that came with the amp. So now my question would be, is that what is causing me problems with this build? Of the 4 amps I bought from this builder, this is the only one I've had problems with. I have blown 3 different resistors and 1 electrolytic cap in this amp.
  4. I built a new cab for an amp I bought from an builder in 2013. I jostled the amp around a bit when fitting the cab. When I finished the install and powered it up, it blew a cap and a resistor. The preamp tube tested bad, the rectifier tested marginal. The rectifier socket is labled EZ80, but the tube in it is a 6202, which is not a replacement. I can't seem to get hold of the builder. I've read that an EZ81 can substitute for an EZ80, but if the 6202 is correct then that would be a mistake. Is there a way to be sure which is the correct rectifier? The builder sold it as a 'Vox AC4-style clone'. This amp was once in the shop for over a year, but never got fixed, so it is possible the tube may have gotten switched. It was playing and sounding really good with the 6202 in it right up until I built the cab.
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