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  1. I've been looking for a Jackson Archtop Soloist for sale with not much luck, so I thought I'd post an official WTB thread. I am open to anything from good to excellent condition (dings or nicks don't bother me, as long as it's nothing too bad), with the following criteria - I'd prefer an earlier 80's or 90's model, but will consider whatever is available. (SLATQ, etc) - Burst or Trans finishes only please (yes I like pretty wood, lol) - 2 Hum or Hum/Single pickup config, though 2 hums are preferred - String-through only please (no trems, I just don't use 'em much) I figure that there's someone out there who owns one of these and isn't playing it. Thanks!!! -K
  2. Holy sh1t man, that is beautiful!! Wow... just.. wow. I love it. Sadly, funds are limited. Some bumpage for you though... -K
  3. Thanks for the welcome & complement. I'm playing through the infamous stage 1 Mesa Stiletto. Works great for me, though I'll admit that it took me a long time to dial it in to my liking. I also use a Mesa DC-3 occasionally. -K
  4. Here's mine: Signal: 535q -> hyperpak -> OCD v1 -> BB pre ->amp . Loop: Decimator -> EQ-20 -> CE-3 -> PS-3 -> Carbon Copy -> DD-2. -K
  5. I'm interested if it's still available... -K
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