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  1. Its a sick amp a promise! haha
  2. Man, these things used to be hot!
  3. bah...wish i had money, that sounds like a srsly awesome amp... off topic...noticed you have two different issues of 5150...does the block letter sound a little better to your ears? I played my friend's block letter the other day and imo it sounded a bit 'richer' in the mid range than the newer ones...got into an argument with someone about this lol you seem like a good person to ask... / another useless post in your thread Most of the 5150's I had were modded or I modded them pretty soon after getting them. I dunno, I never really noticed much of a difference. They are the same amp more or less a couple small parts maybe.
  4. Haha no problem. 50 watts E34L's in the power section right now, can use any octal tube as long as the amp is rebiased correctly. Tube buffered FX loop 3 inputs-Clean, mid gain, high gain Footswitch jack that operates a slight volume boost Standard 3 band EQ with a presence and depth knob as well Master volume All point-to-point hand wired I've modified it slightly to lower the low end attentuation to around 30hz
  5. It pains me to do, because I really like this thing and the class to build it was a lot of fun, but I really think its time to move on from this thing. Egnater seminar head built in one of his later seminars. Sounds nice and huge. If your interested in the exact specs let me know and I'll get them to you. I can also post more detailed pictures if needed, these were just what I had handy. Head is in great shape and has JJ's in the power section and a mix of different pre's. Looking for $950 and slightly open to offers. Nothing else in the pics is for sale sorry.
  6. Everything is pretty much brand new, no scratches and work perfectly. $70 for the e609 $50 for the sm57 $130 for the Fast Track Email or PM me with any questions leod_74@hotmail.com
  7. leod_74

    FS Framus Cobra

    Thanks man! Thats a sexy Mockingbird you have in your avatar...I wonder where in the world you could have ever gotten it
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