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    Mesa/Boogie TriAxis

    The best mid-range preamp unit , on together with the Marshall JMP-1 . Of course there are better things , such as some Engl preamps , etc... I repeat : this unit called my attention because : 1 - the cleans are extremely beautiful , even using crappy gear ; and 2 - it has A LOT of punch , I´ve never ssen something like that !
  2. Thanks GOD !!! I went back to the store , and after hours of talking , they gave me all the money back . But after that , I opened the unit at home , and that was true . The Marshall JMP-1 is a SOLID-STATE preamp . Those tubes make no difference !!! It sounded just a little better than my Marshall VS100 . And I got a Digitech 2101 , much heavier , much more sustain , and best suitable for Metal . Believe it or not , a Boss DS-1 has more punch and sustain than this JMP .
  3. biuje

    DigiTech GSP-2101

    I tried many Digitech , Boss and Zoom units , and I can say this is the best one . In comparison with the discontinued 2120 VGS , the 2101 is much stronger , and it doesn´t have the crappy digital sound the 2120 has . You must know how to operate with rack units , and you need a loud amp ( what about a Mesa 2:90 ? ) , or it will sound weak , of course . Ah , the drive is much better and stronger than the WEAK Marshall JMP-1 too . IMO and long experience , if you want a floor multi-effects , try a Boss GT , but if you can go beyond , try this one . I noticed the guy who wrote the review b
  4. I´ll answer now a "famous" question : JMP-1 VS Triaxis . Try the Triaxis !!! I spent MUCH money buying this JMp-1 , and I felt bad after 5 minutes playing !!!! I´m really TOO SAD , even Taiwan made pedals can sound much heavier than this one .
  5. biuje

    Marshall VS100R

    Excellent amp , for small and a little bigger stages . That´s it .
  6. biuje

    DigiTech RP-12

    It has a good clean , but when you make a bend , a lot of noises come . Now I have a GT-3 , and there ´s no comparison !!!!GT-3 is perfect !
  7. biuje

    Zoom 1010

    The drive is almost strong , but at very low levels . In higher levels , it makes a lot of noise when you make a bend ...
  8. I play metal , and it´s perfect for it ! And it´s good for all the styles , in my oppinion . If it were stolen , I´d buy other processor to try new things , but for its price , it´s more than excellent ! To use it in the power-amp , without the amp´s preamp , make it sound absolutely heavy !!! That´s it .
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