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  1. I've had this amp for many years and have played countless gigs with it. This is THE quintessential Twin tone. This amp is from 1970 and is the desired non master volume version. As you can see by the pics, I have replaced the original speakers with an Electro Voice/Mesa Boogie Black Shadow and a Celestion Vintage 30. This speaker combination is simply incredible! The EV is ultra clean, providing superior bottom end and thick, lush reverb, while the Vintage 30 provides the tightness and mid range bump that makes this amp sound absolutely complete. Although the amp functions beautifully, it does show its years of use, but to me it adds character. There are no electronic issues, except for a few crackly pots. It sounds amazing and if you like the Twin sound, this Twin will be your all time favorite! Please e-mail any questions! I'm asking $900.00 and you pay ACTUAL shipping costs.







  2. Here's the low down. The Wife and I are doing a yard sale this weekend. I have some music gear that I never use that I am going to let go for dirt cheap.


    1. Peavey 18" Bass Cab-I bought this off of a guy a few years ago. It's an 18" Black Widow Speaker inside a Peavey Cab that was cut in half. It used to be an 18" with 2 10" speakers. I don't know why the dude cut it in half but he did. It works and I'll take $45 for it.


    2. Peavey 2 x 10" Bass Cab-Also loaded with Black Widows. This is the other half of the 18". I'll take $60. Take the 18 and the 2 10's for $90.


    3. Carvin Model 973 PA Speakers. I have a pair and they are loaded with a 15", and 8" mid and a tweeter and they're bi-ampable. $200.00 takes the pair.


    4. Fender Bassman 100-A 4 x 12" folded bass cab, all original. Good working order. From the early or mid 70's. There is a tear in the grill cloth, about 4 inches long. Asking $200, but make any offer.


    5. Fender 2 x 15" Bass Cab-Has 1 original Fender speaker, the other is who knows. $80 or best offer.


    6. QSC 1500a Stereo Power Amp-Used only in a church, never seen a bar. 750 watts per channel at 2 ohms, 570 watts at 4ohms, and 360 watts at 8 ohms. $250 or best offer.


    7. Audio Centron AC-X32 Crossover-I don't know much about crossovers. It works, Google the model number for the specs....$60


    8. Rolling 5 or 6 space rack case-$40


    9. CB Drums Foot Pedal-$25


    PM me if you're interested in anything. I love you.

  3. Hey there. I've got two of these pedals boards thatlist for $439.99. Each board has 6 of the power supply cables and they have hardly been used. They're really big and they didn'twork for me because I do a lot of singing and the boom wouldn't reach my mouth. They work fantastically, but they just weren't for me because I only use 2 or 3 pedals. Anyway, these pedal boards are in great condition. I'm lookingto geta buck and a quarter each.

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