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    Lamb Chop, Leah, Leopardstar, & Zemmy, I miss you. Wishing you Peace Profound.

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  1. Selling a Celestion Rocket 50 on ebay. $19 starting bid. 12" - 8 Ohm - 50 Watts. CELESTION ROCKET 50 - 12" - 8 Ohm
  2. I know it is more money - but thinking POD Express. Kind of marginal as a stomp box - but works really well as a headphone amp.
  3. I know it is more money - but thinking POD Express. Kind of marginal as a stomp box - but works really well as a headphone amp.
  4. Guitarman- sorry for your loss. I thought I would take this one easier than saying good bye to Lamb. But I feel OK for a little while, then start tearing up again. It is tiring. But I hear what you are saying - effectively she died in her sleep. She cried out, but in the same way she would cry out in a bad dream - actually at first- this is what I thought was happening, and tried to wake her up. The pain she had went very quickly - a minute or so. With Lamb we agonized on what to do- but it was still within a week. There were things that Leah loved in life - I don't think she was depressed, although her energy had been down really since last Summer. Even to the end she had a pretty happy life. On the other hand, somehow it seems right that Leah, and Lamb are together.
  5. Condolences to those who have lost there best friends. Last night I missed Leah. She would often lay beside me when I was on the couch at night. Sometimes she would just come over to me and just sit in front of me- I knew what she wanted. "Love Me" - so I would scratch her chest and tell her what a beautiful dog she was. Well, she was not there last night. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I miss her. Can't believe she will not be there to meet me at the door when I come home, like she has for the last seven or eight years. On the up side, my wife got up early with the dogs. She told me Sasha, the new dog, was really, really missing me, and cried and sat by the bedroom door until I got up. Who can ask for more in a dog.
  6. Thanks guys. This is just the internet, but this has thread has helped. I do have some good news - our Sheltie, Molly contracted pneumonia after being exposed to the new dogs kennel cough. Molly went to emergency vet clinic on Sunday. On Monday she was examined by our regular vet. She was doing better, but not eating yesterday. This worried us both after loosing both Lamb, and Leah. This morning Molly is eating again. It looks like we will still have two dogs in the house - the new girl, Sasha, and the Sheltie, Molly.
  7. Lamb and Leah - July 2012. Together again...
  8. JJ. We did pick up a young dog at the humane society on Veterans Day. She is 8 months old and we are working with house training and basic commands. She had two weeks to get to know Leah. We are appreciating our new girl even more now. My wife also has a Sheltie who was just treated for pneumonia, but is doing better and I expect will recover.
  9. Thanks all. I will be calling the Humane Society after 9 AM. They have a very reasonable cremation service. I teared up a couple times, but honest to God - I did so much grieving over Lamb Chop, I don't have much left in me.
  10. At 3 AM our husky, Leah, was on our bed, cried out three times and passed away. We think she had a heart attack. Leah had some health issues that we started noticing this last Summer. Her thyroid level was low, and we were working on that. She also had low protein in her blood, and we were trying medication to improve that. Leah, and Lamb Chop turned out to be buddies. Somehow it seems fate that Leah would join her on the Rainbow Bridge. We just put Lamb Chop down on 10/30/2012. Leah was a stray that walked up to my back fence about seven years ago. The vet thought she was seven or eight. But we were not sure as she was a stray. I used to tell people this was the dog that picked me. Wandered up to my fence and picked out her new home.
  11. *** VHT SPECIAL ULTRA - on eBay *** UPDATE: On eBay. I will end the auction with a commitement of $180 plus actual shipping Link: VHT Ultra Head on eBay VHT Special 6 Ultra. Near new. All works 100%. Comes with foot switch. I am a platinum trader here. PM me if interested. Looks like this.. - w previous post deleted
  12. Just a note on the Tech 21 Pedals. Not such a great pedal for tube amps - but are great on SS amps. The Kustom V15 loves simple overdrive or distortion pedals like Dano Cool Cats.
  13. *** TECH 21 CALIFORNIA - $120 SHIPPED *** This is the Mesa Boogie/Mark II/Santana pedal. Includes original manual, and original metal storage box. This guy has velcro on the bottom - otherwise mint. Price is shipped CONUS only. I am a platinum trader here. Looks like this... Here is a tone sample... TECH21 CALIFORNIA SAMPLES
  14. how does it compare to the Voxes? Check the Good Deals thread. I posted some impressions over there.
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