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  1. Listen to Freeman... he's forgotten more than I'll ever know. From ebay, from where to where? If maybe from different enough area bulge may be due in part to different humidity, etc. I bring that up because I got a Tacoma jumbo in Oregon & brought back to Thailand (very different levels of humidity). The top swelled, perhaps due in part to Tacoma's floating braces design. Kept shaving bridge to have passable action.... eventually it settled down... Maybe loosen strings and just wait. How long? don't know. Took me time to adjust to humidity differences Thailand and Oregon
  2. Well, if you wanted me to need a drool cup and be envious: mission accomplished. I have a piece of Dusenberg stuff: LesTrem2.... haha... it's great and has almost no weight.
  3. I love P90s... piqued my interest with that. However, looking at a few sellers, all the pelham ones seem to have humbuckers. Where did you see the P90s?
  4. How about take a risk and tell us what you think of it first? Give folks something to bounce off of
  5. Points for keen observations. If previous owner made it a lefty, you'll need to get a new nut. I'd get it set up and all, but then play it just as it is regarding electronics. Who knows? maybe you'll like it May be a bit of a stretch, but I would hazard that previous owner changed pickups because he/she wasn't happy with stock pickups. But been here long enough to know some people like to change things just for the sake of change...
  6. Back to the subject of the post: Epiphone 339 Friend who is pretty much acoustic guy got an Epi 339, brought down to beach for me to try out. Really really nice in my opinion. Couldn't find an build flaws. Lovely neck, action, nice feel, pickups sounded good. If I didn't already have so many guitars I would for sure considering getting one. I am partial to semi hollow and hollows. My friend is somewhat stuck with view "acoustic guitar is how a guitar should sound" & decided he didn't like it. Yes a table saw is not a jig saw, although they both cut wood. He wound up tra
  7. Hmm looks like they are back (or at least some of them) Has some kinks/bugs but eventually you can find some of them
  8. Hope you're doing well and or better. I'm not an SG fan... think it would take multiple therapy sessions to figure out why.... But that one looks very tasty. Between pickups and neck reads "Les Paul Custom": is that because of 3 pickups? Are they same as in a Custom? Ah, forget it. Not important. Nice deal ya got there Looks more like a Carol to me than Mary... but to each their own
  9. agree with strum on the wall yea or nay approach. Good to have a checklist, mental or otherwise. I reckon good thing to use list to keep us from falling into hubris
  10. I was always curious about those Michael Kelly hybrids. Got to play one in Bangkok store (I live in Thailand).... intonation seemed off but could have been old strings. Didn't want to take the chance (good luck returning anything here...). Does it have stereo output? I've got an Ovation VXT (Sd 59's and Fishman saddle pickups, stereo output). Semi hollow under that spruce top. Need some sort of acoustic processor as the Fishman is rather harsh... But ability to feed 2 amps different signals leads to all sorts of fun. Even with my little hump on back to beach rig, still tons of wow, isn't
  11. Love that last line! I have a 2000 something early AF95, never a tuning problem. Could put a bit of powdered graphite in nut slots (get at auto parts store, not git place, 1/10th of the price). Do those now come with bone or tusq nuts? or plastic?
  12. I'd suggest getting an older Ibanez AF-95 if want a beaut of a guitar (I think mine is early 2000's). The wonderful double MOP fret markers, pick guard in same wood as guitar, lovely tail piece. I believe all that is gone in current models. Gretsch knobs just for fun. Use the money you save to buy some better pickups. I put some StewMac golden age HBs that made a HUGE difference in sound. Put
  13. User reviews are why I first came to HC years ago. The "reboot" years back somehow eliminated many older reviews. Bad move. Stupid move. Now gone altogether. What numbskull decided that was a good idea? You can't fix stupid.
  14. Emory


    Some places here in Thailand sell Lags. Never bought one, but seemed like a good brand
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