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  1. When I tested out the SH 201 it looked like there were 8 presets, so if I want to create new sounds, I have to play with all the nobs...But with the Korg it looked like there was a bank of numerous sounds to choose from. SH-201 has 64 presets, of which 32 are overwritable with your own sounds. I haven't tried the MicroKorg, but I used to have a SH-201 and I miss it a little. It was very fun to play with all those knobs and sliders. The sound just wasn't what I was looking for (it didn't sound bad, just a little too dark for my taste).
  2. Yamaha CS2x (2000) - My first synth. It had some annoying limitations, so I eventually sold it. Yamaha QY100 (2002) - Nice and compact hardware sequencer with some usable onboard sounds. I have written lots of songs with it and I still have it. Yamaha TX7 (2002) - I didn't really know what to do with it, so I sold it. Yamaha S03 (2003) - Nice sounds, terrible user interface. Sold. Roland SH-201 (2007) - My first knobby synth. Wonderful user interface. Sold it because I couldn't get a bright lead sound out of it. Miss it a little, because it did many other things rather well. Maybe I'll get another one someday... Korg X50 (2008) - My main board. I'm pretty happy with it. Moog Little Phatty Stage I (2008) - My first analog. Very nice. Waldorf Blofeld (2008) - Bought this one to replace my SH-201. Loved the sounds and the user interface, hated that it didn't work properly with sustain pedal so I sold it.
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