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  1. bobtec

    Boss OC-2

    If you usr this thing with the right notes it's a cool pedal.Not something you have on all the time,just to jazz up a partYou got to find the notes
  2. I have been playing since 1967,I own alot of cool stuff I would never sell this amp you sound like Cream with it.just use a delay pedal and a wha and a 4/12 closed back cabnit Now that Jack White useing one the price will go up Also about 10 years ago in Guitar player it was in the Top 10 Best Blues amps ever made
  3. I play all kinds of Rock 40 years playing I have tons of gear and I like this pedal
  4. I have played for ever.Ilike it alot Some may sound a little better than others like ALL Fuzz Face's
  5. bobtec

    Fane GS-V30

    David Gilmore of Pink Floyd use them in his stage ampsThat all the info I have about them
  6. This cap is as close to a Mustard cap as I know of.I have only used one on the presence knob.I have been playing over 40 yrs Better than orange drop caps Go to www.metroamp.com/forum
  7. bobtec

    roland SDE-1000

    R%R, R%B,1960's Jeff Beck , Cream, Led Zep1-2-3, SRV,VH-1 I have over the years had everything.I have a Ton of pedals I now have a pedalboard just for my Rack,10 Boss FS-1 L-U switchers to program up/down On/Off 100 watt Plexi Marshall 64 Fender Bandmaster,All upgraded MM trannys Vintage Tubes ect,and Tons of vintage speakers,Fanes,Jensen,Celestions,Vox. 53 Tele 57 Strat,Homemade franky's And my secret Tone/studio amp 1966 Sears Silvertone 1484 Twin-12
  8. bobtec

    Carvin C250 Cobalt

    I have been playing for over 30 years.I sold all my vintage guitars for big money a feww years ago.So I got this to use for clubs and studio wwork.kj I dont need to use any of my Martins
  9. bobtec

    yamaha D1500

    Like I said unless you bought it new 22 years ago,It all how hard it was used.Guys that say it was in there studio mean it was on 24 hrs aday,Ask alot of ???'s if you find one Hard rare
  10. bobtec

    roland SDE-1000

    For the money I paid this it cool
  11. bobtec


  12. I play both kinds,Rock and or Roll.If I need a new one, get a New one.All I really need it a pitch pipe and a 440 tuneing fork.But this is good to tune your whole band with.I wish it was made like the SD-1
  13. bobtec

    Whirlwind Commander

    I have been try'n to play for over 38 yrs.I play both kinds of music. Rock and or Roll.If it was stolen,I would kill you and your momma.Good Stuff Whilywind makes
  14. bobtec

    DOD compressor/280

    I play Blues and Hard Rock,over 38 years I have alot of gear and guitars.I would get another if it was swiped.Just a well made pedal.And a company that isn't run by slave traders,working some 15 yr old China girl for 10 cents a hr.
  15. bobtec


    I play classic rock,blues ect,since 1968 I have alot of gear.For the money this was a good find
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