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  1. tws!

    FS/T Mint Marshall DSL

    Hey man, if you weren't interested after hearing the clips, how about at least emailing me to let me know? I mean, it's only common courtesy, right? Sorry man, I've actually been thinking about the trade and didn't want to say yes or no yet. I wasn't meaning to just leave you hanging man.
  2. tws!

    WTB: DSL or TSL

    I've got one for 700 + shipping. That's probably as low as you'll see them. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2255791
  3. tws!

    FS/T Mint Marshall DSL

    Guitar Centaur, I sent you an email. Senor, those lights... that picture... Matterday, I hate you... you mapz deserter. There are 3 of us insomniacs left... ok, make that 2 since Voltaire got banned. lol. ok, back to spam.
  4. tws!

    FS/T Mint Marshall DSL

    Pod XT Live and Randall 2x12 w/Celestions (looks like a mini 1960a)? Pics, that could be a deal. What Celestions?
  5. tws!

    FS/T Mint Marshall DSL

    Not a rack guy, but thanks.
  6. tws!

    FS/T Mint Marshall DSL

    That is a very sexy cab! But, I wouldn't want to do a straight trade for a cab, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Plus, I'd just scratch it all up. I'd really like to sell this, I really want to buy another forumite's amp. 700 + shipping. Come on guys!
  7. DSL in mint condition? You'll have to put money on top, or we could work something out with that San Dimas. :poke:
  8. Marshall DSL in mint condition? You'd have to add in some money.
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