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  1. Hey Jason, Nice, if i had'nt just bought 2 ibbys i would be all over this. I posted on the ibby site for ya and will probably go good their. I 'll cya on the ebmm side. Frank Thanks Frank! I didn't think about the Ibanez site.
  2. SOLD, Please Delete. Very nice bass, but not quite my tone. Plus there's another bass that showed up for sale that I want. I really should quit straying from single coils, as those are my tone. Anyway, here's the link to the original ad. Exact same mint condition it was in when I got it. The build quality on these is exceptional at any price point, and pretty amazing at this price point. Mahogony body, finished with oil 5 piece Wenge-Bubinga neck WENGE fingerboard (originally listed as rosewood) Abalone inlays Ibanez Monorail bridge Ibanez 3 band EQ with sweepable mid Ibanez DXP Pickups
  3. Well, I just picked this up recently, and it's a super nice bass. After playing around with it, I realized that 4's don't work for me anymore, and the HH just isn't my tone. This was my third and last attempt.. The Buttercream really lured me in! If I were really wealthy, I'd keep it around just cuz I love the look. So here it is. 2005 Limited Edition Sterling in Buttercream. The nicest of the LE's that EB has made, IMO. The color is really hard to photo accurately, but it's beautiful. There is one small ding on the back that I had trouble getting a good photo of. It's not through the finish.. Not sure what happened there.. Other than that, the bass looks untouched. Still has the tags and case candy. Bass is pretty darn light for an EB, and balances just right. Nice setup with new strings, and plays great. Comes with the LE case which is really nice. I'm digging that funky crushed gold velvet big time.. $1100 shipped. No longer taking trades. I found something good.
  4. FedEx LOST it!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that's terrible.
  5. Jason Hebert

    Roscoe SKB-3005

    I've owned or played most of what's out there.. High-end and the standards stuff (Fender, EB, etc.) and this bass ranks among the top. I sold it, but it really had nothing to do with the bass. I needed to free up some funds and it was the newest bass I had, so I was least attached to it. If you're thinking high-end, you should consider Roscoe..
  6. Wow, no love for the Ernie Ball, huh? :poke:
  7. I tried. It was on sale, so they won't take it back..
  8. Like new, Ernie Ball Sterling HH. Natural finish, tort guard, HH pickups, rosewood board, with case and candy. This bass is only a couple of days old. I don't need it anymore. $1050 shipped to the US. $1500 new on these. Save big. See pictures below. Email with questions. Will trade for a 5 of equal value. http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b376/JASONHEBERT/EBMM/ Thanks, Jason
  9. I'm working on it.. email me at jphebert AT gmail.com if you could..
  10. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/msg/449064080.html
  11. I wish this would have been here last Thursday. Any trades?
  12. PM Sent on the SR4. Email me! I'm in Baton Rouge.
  13. Jason Hebert

    Zon Guitars 519

    Overall this bass is staying with me, and that's saying a lot with my buying/selling habits. I've spent thousands of dollars looking for the one, and I've finally found it. The above mentioned issues are really insignifigant, and wouldn't stop me from buying another one. In fact, I may buy a fretless Zon Special next. Joe Zon has an incredible thing going here, and I hope he keeps it up. I've played nothing that comes close to being as easy to play as this bass. It also fits my body, physically, very well. My MTD always felt too big for me, but not so with the Zon. It's got curves in all the right places. The neck joint and customer service issues I had are the only thing keeping this from being a 10. Great looks, great tone, and great playability.. What else could you ask for?
  14. Jason Hebert

    MTD 535

    I've been playing solid for the last 2 1/2 years.. Off an on several before that.. This is my only bass right now mainly because of how much this thing cost. This bass is a signifigant investment, so you really should try one before buying. I tried several other high end brands including Roscoe and Modulus and the MTD blew them away. However, I'm an average player at best, and really didn't NEED a bass this nice.. but I've got it now.. Will I keep it forever? Only time will tell, but with my buying/selling habits.. Probably not. I'd like to try some Lakland, Sadowsky, and Zon basses eventually. If I had it to do all over again.. I'd get the tulipwood/wenge wood combo. I like that one just a little more. All that said.. These are great basses, Mike is a great guy, and I doubt anyone would be dissappointed with one of these. I'm giving a 9 overall.. I'm saving my 10 for the bass that I know that I can't be without. Don't know if this one is it, so I guess it's not.
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