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  1. Sorry to hear Tube sucks when you have one member like that. Good luck in finding another bass player and I hope you get a even better one. They are out there
  2. avery isn't afraid to hit anyone and gets on the nerve of the other team he was great in Detroit
  3. sounded sweet very nice playing along with the great tone
  4. sounded great never understood the hate krank got on here
  5. I've heard alot... It just goes to show what a decent knowledge of mixing and recording (and playing ability) can get you. That it does
  6. I don't think I've heard a bad clip of the AFX...lol nice stuff end
  7. I love the V3 I went to the show room last summer and tried it out. I'm not much into the 5150's and think the V3 is 10x better then the 5150 from cleans to more then enough distortion
  8. its what the old west used as telephones back in the day...lol Beeeep beep beeeeep...lol
  9. lol tube that would be great if the women new morris code in the first place besides sos...lol
  10. Love your V's what year are they and hows the Bigsby play on it
  11. Where did you get an Epiphone LP Special II in transparent black burst? I got it in 99 at guitar center for 175...lol
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