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  1. Sounds like bunk - just use an amp and mic it.
  2. Everyone is welcome to their opinion on the forum. However, I can't recall any video submissions on F.I.T. ever being trashed the way Adele's song was in this thread. Members usually applaud the submissions etc etc.. and remark how wonderful their choices are. I believe this was a thinly veiled attempt to tick me off and it succeeded. Your opinion may vary but that's how I see it. Being called a prick just reinforces my observation that the clique that runs this place has no intention of embracing anything or anyone new and modern. I doubt that this attitude will change in the near future, therefore, I leave the direction of this forum to it's current members and hope you all enjoy health, happiness and prosperity in the future.
  3. The Old Guitar Player guy started it all by dissing Adele's song - maybe he should be the one you guys pile on.
  4. Yeah I guess you can diss somebody's influence, make excuses for it, then get backup from people who pretend they can't see the obvious. I couldn't care less if you like my choice of music. Just keep the sarcasm to yourself. This is supposed to be a friendly, respectable forum, according to what I've read.
  5. Yeah you don't have to make excuses for your trolling. I don't see you dissing any other song in this thread which are all just as formula based. When you sell 3.5 million albums in a week you're bound to be an influence on the people who listen. Maybe this should be the OSO "old songs only" influence thread.
  6. Yeah feel free to diss anything that is not from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Today's music influences tomorrow's musicians. Not every kid in Kansas listens to the oldies station.
  7. If it doesn't say Marshall on the front then .....
  8. This is what influences people nowadays.
  9. Your grammar needs work. It means my level of caring is rock bottom and I can't care less than zero. http://grammarist.com/usage/could-care-less/ Could care less When people say I could care less, they usually mean they actually could not care less, or, more precisely, that they don’t care. Considered logically, being able to care less means one does care to some degree, while being unable to care less means one cares very little if at all. Could care less is seldom heard outside the United States, and commentators from outside North America tend to express bafflement over its existence, but it is so common in the U.S. that it is now a widely accepted idiom, meaning that it does not have to be logical. We know what it means even if the words do not literally convey that meaning. English is full of similarly illogical phrases that add color to the language. Many face resistance at first before eventually gaining acceptance. This is not to say that the people who grouse over the illogic of could care less are wrong, nor are we saying that the phrase is appropriate in formal writing or that it’s better than couldn’t care less (which is in no danger—it remains the more common expression even in the U.S.). But the phrase is entrenched in the language and isn’t going away, so we might as well get used to hearing it. Could care less is only somewhat new. Historical Google News searches uncover numerous examplesfrom as long ago as the 1950s. Of course, that could care less is over half a century old doesn’t make it less annoying to those who dislike it, but it does support the idea that the phrase is an established idiom. Examples If we were to read these examples literally, we might think those who “care less” care a lot more than they really do: I could care less if Charlie Sheen is rushed to the hospital for nearly overdosing on whatever drug he is taking now. [Times and Transcript] Players see the hunger for acknowledgement, which they interpret as weakness. Tony could care less. [Sydney Morning Herald] Not having a drop of Irish blood in me, I could care less about the Emerald Isle. [Screen Junkies] And in contrast, in each of these examples, couldn’t care less literally reflects the writer’s intended meaning: At the level of semantics, I couldn’t care less what label is applied to economics. [National Review Online] To be honest, I couldn’t care less what the acting assistant head of Current Affairs said to the assistant acting head of News. [Daily Mail] But Scott, in his simple, direct manner, makes it clear he couldn’t care less about any of it. [Herald Sun]
  10. So the voice is good - treat yourself to some decent recording gear. You'll get a big buzz out of a nice recording or your songs.
  11. This thread was never dissed - you're jumping to conclusions. Listen to the song - or not. I couldn't care less.
  12. I never said or implied better nat - so take your troll posts to Open Jam
  13. Let's bring this thread into the 21st century. For all you senior citizens Mark Ronson is the stepson of Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones
  14. This place is so dead that mbeng stood out as an active user. No porn, nothing NSFW, no trolling, harmless discussion starters, maybe he really did want answers. Who cares? If the topic interests you, add your 2 cents. If not then just scroll along. Reminds me of the micro managers I've had over the years.
  15. That truly sums up the attitude. The welcome mat is certainly not out to the average musician from the sounds of it.
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