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  1. Uhg. last nail in the coffin. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse. I'll be on Talkbass if you need me. Only forum worth anything these days. Have to look over reddit too and see if there are any guitar communities worth checking out.
  2. I'm surprised to hear that this is working so well for you, but that's great that it is. Still, I expect a modeling thingy might get you closer, but maybe what you have going is the best you could hope for in this price-range. I've always found modeling gear comes into it's element when paired with a good analog OD like a TS. Some of the Sans-amp stuff (and clones) work similar wonders in a situation like yours, though not nearly as cheap unless you go the Behringer or Joyo route. But I'm biased. I think it's preferable to go the SS route for everything because of the maintenance burden and the environmental impact, even if it is a sonic compromise, so I'm inclined to fool myself into thinking that SS sounds just as good. Me and Patrick Quilter.
  3. I actively try to avoid this by seeking out new music. Sometimes the new music is old, but it's new to me. Recently, Frank Zappa (like) and Weather Report (DO NOT LIKE!)
  4. likewise. I've been around so long my post count has been reset at least twice, if not more. Even back when I started there were dudes, mcflytrap, stratcat, Wes Powell... who already had 30,000 posts. Ah, the good old days. r0g3r, Scott Jones, Metalcore64 (aka. l00bs, aka. loobster), how we miss thee. And that guy... that guy who was a moderator and didn't like the changes and so put a giant picture of bare tits in his signature, and then started the Cyber Jammin' forum... funky... What was his real name? ... Brett Funk... Man, all those guys were monster players and stand-up dudes. That's all over. Sometimes, I get nostalgic.
  5. I dunno. I like a TS (including the Bad Monkey) in front of a clean amp. It's good on the lower gain settings, and it kills it in a mix. TS + clean amp in the bedroom, not so much, but with a band, heck yes! Love it for that "gritty clean" sound. That's what I use for rhythm > 90% of the time. Use it for solos too, sometimes, followed by a clean boost.
  6. I play at a medium sized church (room probably seats 300-400), and we would like to move towards IEMs, but we have trouble getting things to sound right for the musicians (of whom I am one). I've heard one of the ways to help get a more natural sound is to put a mic in the house and then, use that as the base, and increase levels for specific channels as needed for the various monitor channels. I know I can't just use any ol' mic for this, and we probably need some kind of condenser to do it properly, but I don't know what kind would be best. Suggestions?
  7. Also, I have recording anxiety. I don't preform as well when I'm recording (unless it's at a show. I play the best when I have a band and an audience). Is there a thing for that?
  8. This question really is as broad and idiotic as it sounds. I've played in churches with sound guys for years, but I've never done anything with the board (though the basic operation is pretty obvious, I guess). I've recorded a few parts for friends who do that stuff, but never tried my hand at it myself. My job has a "rewards" program where you get points when you do good things (or rather, things that are good for the company), and I had quite a few because I'm awesome. The points can be used to purchase things... all kinds of things. It's like Amazon, but not quite as all-encompassing. I snagged a Peavey PV 8 USB mixer with the vague idea that this would allow me to record things. What things, I don't know. I already have a Blue Yeti USB mic, but I think it's not good for this. I think it's more calibrated for spoken word, and I sometimes sing freaking loud... and forget about pushing guitar amps. Yeti can't hack it. Distortion all over the place. Plus, I have some of those digital processor thingies, but, until now, no USB audio interface, and plugging into the analog in on my computer sounds horrid and makes monitoring difficult. This mixer addresses all of those problems. At present, I have one mic, which I use to mic my cab live because I don't trust the church's mics. It is the same classic, cheap mic that everyone has, so no need to tell you what it is. You all already know it is and own it yourselves. I know it can handle loud noises. Is that good enough to be going on with until I can save some money for an NT1 and maybe a Fathead? Also, DAW. I'm a diehard Linux user, and in any event, I don't have the money for a Mac and will not for the forseeable future. So it looks like I'm looking at Audacity and Ardour... which means my DAW is less powerful than a lot of what's out there, and orders of magnitude more powerful than what Pink Floyd and the Beatles were working with. I here there is a thing called plugins these days. I know nothing about them, and I don't know if they will work with my Open Source audio software. Any thoughts about the DAW? Also, drums? I don't play, but I was thinking about getting an electric kit and learning. I was also thinking about getting a drum machine or just using a soft drum machine like Hydrogen ('cause Linux). It probably wouldn't be a terrible idea to learn to play drums and to program drums. Seems like one might help the other... and playing drums will probably help my bass playing as well. Drums? I really have no idea what I'm getting into or even what I'm going to record. I just sort of picked up this mixer 'cause it was free and I didn't see anything else I wanted, but will admit that I've been kind of thinking about doing some classic hymns in sort of an "indie" style for a few years now. I was more just looking for a USB audio interface, but I suppose I'll figure out what to do with all those extra channels at some point down the road. P.S. MIּDI?
  9. I saw and interview with Via where he said his lead sound was typically just his rhythm sound (medium crunch sound) with a Boss OD-2, which is not a very high gain pedal, and he isn't cranking the gain either. That "liquid" lead sound is more about layers of soft clipping and smoothing the higher order harmonics with EQ than about a really hard clipped signal. It will produce some noise, but not has much as everything on 11.
  10. Twenty-something, but I only gig with a multi and a dirt box.
  11. 1. You got me about EQ. I "need" a quick way to change the EQ on the dirt. This is why I'm currently using a dirt pedal separate from my multi. 2. Yeah. That's one of the things I hate about modeling gear. I don't want something that "sounds like." I'd rather just have something original that sounds good! That's one of the reasons my current multi fx of choice is NOT a modeler. It's just some digital effects with a lot of tweakability set to the manufacturers spec (TC, in this case). It has a speaker simulation, but no amp models or stuff like that, and the speaker sim is just "on" or "off." I think it's just a band pass filter to get rid of the freakier harmonics. That's how I like it. A multi fx that is comfortable in its own skin. I realize it's kinda stupid though, since some of the modeling units also have stellar effects. 3. on-board speakers? boi-oi-oi-oing! You have the attention of every part of my body! Sounds like a serious contender to replace teh micro-cube for me!
  12. Sweet! I love it even more 'cause of the work you did on it. Very cool! If you were to sell it, you could probably get two or three times the money you have in it.
  13. Thanks for the input, Phil. I will definitely try some of those things. Unfortunately, Neither I nor the church where I play own a ribbon mic. I can't really get it up for buying mics, since I have very little desire to record (then again, that might change if I had some decent mics, aside from the 57, and a USB audio interface). I'll run it by AV deacon and see if I can get him excited about a ribbon mic. We just (this week) got one of these, so I'm not sure what the budget looks like right now: At least we finally have a board with built-in compression and reverb. Yeesh.
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