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  1. Originally Posted by One Man Banned I'm looking for some nice analog sounding delay and something that sounds kind of like a Deluxe Memory Man but nicer. Will this fit the bill? well it doesn't have that dmm tone, but I love the modulated delays. You can get them darker or brighter, but it doesn't do the ethereal thing.
  2. I've had mine a while and I'm really happy with it. Sounds beautiful, easy to use, low current draw, versatile, and built like a tank. Sounds great in front of my ac15, and fantastic in the loop of my orange. It's not a tape delay or a timeline, so if you want something with a tape sim or crazy options, this ain't it. The tone knob for the repeats is very effective, and they do sound great.
  3. that's what i do with my vox. sounds amazing. those two pieces go really well together.
  4. great band. New record coming at the end of the month!
  5. I dig dimarzios, personally. Had a pro track in the bridge of my American strat, and settled recently on the chopper. The chopper is killer. If you've got one in a tele with good results, the strat might be worth a shot. Either one is easy enough to remove if you don't like it or change your mind down the road.
  6. Glad you mentioned that. So just to confirm, 30-watts clean on this thing is enough to play with a drummer in a live situation? yeah man, all the places i play i've had no issues. my drummer is a medium hitter, so take that for what it's worth. but this thing will crank. it's not a mark iii coliseum, but i like to be able to push the cleans a little and get the gain rolling on the distortion channel. killer sounding amps. basically ended my search for a high gainer. i love the voicing, range, wattages, portability, and look of the little bastard.
  7. actually the clean channel is louder at the earlier ranges of the dial. i haven't had any issues with the mismatch, and i think people make more of a deal about it than is necessary. it can be loud as hell on both channels. 30 watts is plenty for most situations.
  8. ^^^^ Dig it! Love to have an AC15 with my AD30. thanks man. they are totally different, but each one sounds awesome. the classic 30 on the other side does the pedal platform thing brilliantly, too, when i wanna go that route.
  9. a packed small venue is much better than a sparse large venue. agree. my favorite times playing music have been in small cramped bars with drunk locals having a great time. i enjoy a larger room if there's enough people in the space, but you're not as "connected" usually.
  10. It's not called the Thunderverb 100 because it doesn't have reverb. TH series (30 and 100) = no reverb. Thunderverb series (50 and 200) = reverb. right on. i've thought about a reverb pedal for mine, and i might nab one, but for now a little bit of delay in the loop is sufficient for space/depth when i want it. the fx loop is excellent.
  11. I picked one up last month. I'm honestly surprised that there isn't more talk of it. It's the most instant gratification amp I've played. Simple, incredible sounding, scalable wattage, fx loop, etc. Cleans are beautiful and very 3d. Gain is rich, and the channel ranges from light distortion/overdrive through incredibly high gain modern tones. I was looking at the mini recto, which I actually wasn't crazy about. Plugged into the th30 and was sold very quickly. It can get more than loud enough to hang with drums, gig live, etc. I picked up the ppc112 as well, and the two sound killer together. I've played a lot of high gain amps, and this one is ultimately the one I liked best.
  12. Right on, gentlemen. Blue sky noise was my favorite, thus far, but there are episodes of brilliance on each record, so it's pretty hard for me to decide. Already got tix for the show in Buffalo in October. Stoked.
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