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    Matchless Avenger

    Played a Matchless Avenger today at Guitar Center. One of the most lovely clean sounds I've ever heard, really. Just to die for. But LOUD. Loud as all hell. The switchable master volume is totally useless, and there is a metric ton of headroom in this amp. Couldn't even get the slightest breakup going at volumes I thought were really going to piss off the store. If you've got bucks, and you're looking for a killer tone as a basis for pedal use, this amp would be real hard to beat. I was surprised at the sheer power and clarity of the low end of this 1x12" open back EL84 amp.
  2. Therefore, your mind = {censored}ED. I understand what is happening in the last two lines, but I'm missing just a tad of math knowledge for the rest. Are these Psi functions wave functions (as a chemist that's what they've always denoted to me). It looks like a solution to find an eigenvalue of a wave function at a particular set of potential energy condition. Also looks like presenting the solution for both the 0th level and the nth level, where Psi® is the eigenfunction with an eigenvalue of sigma-naught and Un® is the eigenfunction for the nth case with an eigenvalue of sigma-subn when applying the Hermetian operator [-1/2u grad - v®].
  3. It's for use in science. It's basically saying that 3 and 2 are both precise to the ones, so when dividing you give an answer that is precise to the ones because if you were to give it to the tenths it would imply a level of precision you do not have. What we said.
  4. I dont understand maths and that quote means nothing to me half of 3 is 1.5 to my simple mind Dont know how I got a B at GCSE. This is an information issue. While 3/2 = 1.5, when we do math in science we never report more significant figures than exist in the number with the least significant figures in the operations. It ensure that we don't add a sense of higher accuracy which is a function of math rather than a function of precision of measurement. For example, if you have a scale that measures weight to the thousandths place, even though you can do math which results in digits beyond the thousandths place you don't report that or carry those digits into additional equations because we don't actually know what's happening at that level of accuracy. So yes, 3/2=1.5 but in some scenarios you won't report the answer to that level of accuracy.
  5. 1) .999... is =1, that proof is not invalid. 2) You cannot divide by 0 ever, and multiplying by 0 removes all information so it cannot be used in these proofs. This is why I shouldn't argue with people on the internet, because even fundamental math proofs that require the most basic logic skills taught in high school are lost on the internet.
  6. I re-emerge full of win: http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/16/1868857/FirebreatherRatAC30test.mp3
  7. All of Tom's other clips are still up. I started a thread on Effects to get him to re-up that clip.
  8. Fail posts are fail. Ac30+ RAT clip made by a forumite (TomVanDeven): http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/16/1868857/FirebreatherRatAC30test.mp3 Is it ideal for all heavy stuff? No, but AC30s can get real fucking heavy and raunchy with the right setup.
  9. You can has hebrew keyboard I can has Linux with built in layouts for tons of languages including two Hebrew keyboard layouts: the actual one, or my favorite, the phonetic one which matches Hebrew letters with English letters they sound like or are shaped like.
  10. I can read Hebrew, but I don't speak it. But, I think you said, "You don't know, you...(insert something offensive). You all don't know what you all have started, essentially. ?? ??
  11. oh go {censored} yourself My dick doesn't bend that way.
  12. Esta borracho otra ves esta noche! That's right, bishes, I'm multilingual! ??? ?? ?????? ???? ??????
  13. I grew tired of my DL4 pretty quickly. About 6 months before I realized that I really liked delay but not that kind.
  14. I don't think you can sell bone marrow. I am on the bone marrow registry though. No calls yet.
  15. I've been wondering why I don't like the people posting on HCAF lately. They're all posting here or not posting at all. . Dr Z.s are sweet. Pink road cases are even cooler. I wouldn't even watplaneghey you for getting a road case if it was pink.
  16. i agree with robo. champ 600 would be excellent. im a little surprised no one suggested a tiny terror. 15/7 watt switch, great overdrive sounds, great sounding amp overall actually. Somewhat dark and congested for my personal tastes. I can't imagine it being much of a platform for a POD. Egnater Rebel is supposed to be a sweet little 20w. But now we're just mentioning cheaper tube amps that do not sound better than the Carrera, in my experience. I think maybe Chippy is right-- this one is all user error.
  17. and it was the happiest day of my life. JP and I spent a good amount of time talking about that at the NJ Ampfest. Both Ampfests I've been to have had their fair share of cool people and guys like this:
  18. Then, IMO, he should wait until his ears become trained enough to tell the difference. Point well taken.
  19. So I have been giving serious thought to selling my Cornford recently. I know that I've mentioned this before but I'm really serious about it now. To be honest, the Cornford was a waste of money for me. I only play in the house and at low volumes so I'm not really getting the benefit of it. I think that some of the models on the POD sound just as good, plus they are a lot more tweakable. The Cornford doesn't have channel switching, which is a something that I like having, and the reverb isn't that great - not sure if it the reverb is faulty but I have seen a lot of people on youtube playing this amp with a reverb unit in the effects loop. Not really sure what amp to get instead. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking solid state or hybrid. Something with either a line in or an effects loop so I can still run the POD through it. Nothing above 30 watts either. Must be a combo and have channel switching. Not a modelling amp either as I find that they don't work so well with pedals should I ever be so inclined to start using pedals again. Speaker must be a minimum of 10 inches. I really don't think that I'd ever buy another tube amp to be honest. Sure they're probably great once you have them up at full pelt, but for in the house they're nothing special at all. The Carrera and Harlequin both sound FANTASTIC in the house, all 6w really pumping at lower volumes. Far better than any of the smaller solid state or modeling stuff I've heard. They're two of my favorite smaller amps. However, if you're not hearing the difference between the Carrera and a POD than it's probably a waste for you personally. I'd probably still recommend a tube amp because I'm more into a tube clean than solid state clean, but if you go for something that's supposed to run clean then it won't matter if you're turning it up or not to get a sweet sound. Deluxe Reverb perhaps? Maybe one of those lower wattage Reeves heads?
  20. (ala stan marsh): i'm not getting involved. kyle: yeah we're totally not getting involved in this ps your quote is from one of the funniest and smartest people on HC. he was being satirical. your fail Oh... and this is perfect. PERFECT.
  21. I like both forums and have started frequinting the HCFX just as much as the Amp forum. They each have two distinct vew points that for them work best for what they are doing and they are not gonna budge on the opinion. I like to frequint both forums so I get to see the best of both sides. But on going to the amp forums and asking about an ac30 or Fender Twin and getting no response. I bet I could go into this forum and ask about a Framus Cobra or Mako Dorado and get no response. Both forums have great information they are just for different styles of music none better then the other. This is the kind of nonsense that drives me nuts, honestly. The AC30 was one of the most mentioned amps on HCAF all year, easily. We just discussed a trade of "The Twin" and an AC30 last night that went for 40 or so posts. Hell, Twin Reverbs and AC30s are two of my favorite amps and I discuss them all the time on the amp forum. People who don't think there is a wealth of knowledge across genres on the amp forum need to lurk more, search better, or ask rather than assume.
  22. oh dude it's super funny. mostly sad though. jbecker kinda talked himself into a corner around post 120, and im just now getting to the exciting climax and denoument let's watch, shall we? LOL. By then I was ready to say anything just for fun . FWIW, for those of you in here that don't know, I used to be Atarispunk29 and I posted with moderate frequency over here for a period of a few months two or three times during my tenure on HC. Effects has had more turn over than most forums here with people, from my outsider perspective, however.
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