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  1. still have this? i had one a few years back, got rid of it and wish i hadn't. for trade i can offer an Ibanez RG520QS or Schecter Hellraiser C-7 nearly brand new.
  2. love my RG520QS. if you were selling and i had the cash i'd pick up this one just to have another. i haven't picked up an ibanez in a long time that can compare with the build quality and feel of these that was under like $1000-1200 new.
  3. TTT awesome price for a nearly brand new guitar!
  4. What color? root beer. it's a transparent brown with a quilted sapele top. really nice looking imo. also has a JB in the bridge instead of the POS V8 stock pup.
  5. yeah i know but i don't like to do business that way. i already have a guy who wants to buy it just trying to work out when we can meet up to do the deal. plus i'd really rather not ship it and this guy is local. if it falls through i'll let you know.
  6. interested in trading for an ibanez rg520?
  7. how is the neck profile on this? i have a c-7 hellraiser and the neck is obviously wider but the profile is almost gibson-like nice and fat (that's what she said).
  8. head is still pending payment. cab is still for sale with a price drop.
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