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  1. So I took a time elapsed picture to give you an indication of what I'm talking about here. Here are two pictures that show the brightness of this thing. I seriously hate it, it gives me a headache. I'm going to have to swap it out, unfortunately.
  2. I've heard good things about the Micro Amp and I want to try it. I'll tell you that my old bandmate uses the SD Pickup Booster and he always had reliability issues, when it worked though it worked well. I have a BBE Boosta Grande, another one to add to your list I would think. I use it at the end of my effects loop (after all my modulation), makes the whole sound a little louder but a lot fuller to my ears. I leave it on all the time.
  3. Cool idea with the sandpaper trick. I don't want to go too into the differences between this pedal and the stock one right now, just because I haven't had a chance to full enjoy the pedal to its full capacity. They have a ton of clips of the H20 mod on monte allums website. It's a much more natural sounding overdrive now, less fuzzy at higher gain settings, much smoother and bassier. Still packs a pretty good punch though when cranked. I'll comment more when I play with it more.
  4. I just received a Monte Allums modded Blues Driver (H2O) and I have to say that the "super bright" LED is freakin' bright. I've only played around with the pedal for maybe 15-20 minutes, but my eyes hurt basically the whole time. I'm going to probably swap the LED back up with a normal one, yikes. That being said, this pedal seems really great, in my short little jam with it, I can tell that all the stuff I hated about my stock Blues Driver has been disposed of. Yay.
  5. yes the title says it all Except for, you know, the price.
  6. Bump for a good seller, just got the Blues Driver today!
  7. I'm a moron. The Gline's on my pedal snake were mono. Well, one of them was TRS, which was on the pedal side so I guess I just figured the other side would by nature also be TRS, but alas, it was not. So I've ordered a TRS "stereo" GLine off of ebay, should be here soon. As a side note, it sucks that these gline's are like $16-17 apiece. This pedalsnake is awesome, but it's expensive.
  8. Interesting, I will try the half way thing. Doesn't make any sense though, to be honest. If I do that, I'm shorting the sleeve, right? I'll try it though!
  9. Hmm, I will maybe open up the hosa later today when I get home from work if its easy to do so, and take a gutshot. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Long story somewhat short: I bought a Peavey Classic 50 used last summer, without a footswitch. My girlfriend had a plastic two button footswitch from an old Laney combo, which worked great. I needed a footswitch with a 1/4" jack instead of a built in cable though, so I could use it with my pedal snake, so I decided to "mod" the plastic laney one. I'm a novice around soldering, and I thought I messed it up. I installed a jack plate in the pedal, but from then on, any kind of cable I used with it, the channel switch changed the reverb, and the reverg switch did absolutely nothing. So, many months go by and I did nothing about it, but then I found a good deal on the Hosa FSC-385 dual footswitch (http://www.theguitarfiles.com/product_info-1359.html), seemed perfect, so I bought it. It arrived today and I plugged it..... same freakin' story. 1st button turns on/off reverb, second button does nothing. What is going on? I'm using a TRS cable (although it's through the pedal snake, I don't have any single TRS cables), obviously this Hosa one is wired how they think it should be wired, the description on the packaging sounds like exactly what I want. I don't get it, anyone have a tip for me? I don't want to have to resort to a footswitch with a built-in cable, cause then I'm limited to how far I can go with it (my pedal snake is 25ft). Alright, thanks! PS: I just checked Pedalsnake.com and found that they are totally usable with footswitches with their regular GLines (guitar lines) and stereo GLines (TRS cables). I've got a stereo pair of mono Glines, and one TRS GLine that I'm using for this, and it's not working.
  11. I noticed he listed a price in the Spam thread http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?p=27819122#post27819122
  12. I have a TS9DX modded by a forumite (www.bodenhamer-electronics.com), I highly recommended the pedal, but I have not tried anything other than this one (and when it was stock).
  13. haahhahhahahaa, i have the two ehx pedals looking like brothers, just like your board. You must have good tastes
  14. Just get an EB, tried and true. I have the Jr., fits much better on the board.
  15. I have no boutique, but I'm not opposed to the idea. I don't have much GAS for boutique pedals though at this point, and maybe it's because they are unrealistic with my current set of financial circumstances (student in college), although I have modded the DS-1, TS9DX, and Blues Driver. I also just added a Boss TR-2. All mass produced pedals, but I think I've got some pretty killer tones. If only I could play the guitar well enough to take advantage of it
  16. what is up with that website, I felt so dirty
  17. OK, both pedals and both 1spots are gone, this thread is so over.
  18. All PM's replied to. Lots of trade offers, but everything is still available for now.
  19. I've got an EHX Big Muff (US re-issue), obviously not a BYOC, but it's the real thing. Let me know if you're interested.
  20. Alright, 1spots are both sold! But you can buy both pedals for $95
  21. I sent you a PM. I guess both 1 spot's are now pending.
  22. 1 SPOT Power Adapter - SOLD! Boss Blues Driver (BD-2) - SOLD! Electro-Harmonix USA Big Muff - SOLD! Thanks HC!
  23. Everything is sold, thanks for looking! 1 SPOT Power Adapter - SOLD! Boss Blues Driver (BD-2) - SOLD! Electro-Harmonix USA Big Muff - SOLD!
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